The Triforce

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The Legend of Zelda: The Verge of Destruction

The Triforce

Verge of Destruction began when I was discussing The Legend of Zelda video games with my friends in high school. Mervin Brazile (this is your official credit) pointed out that the Power of Gold's shape had a spot for a fourth Triforce in the center.

I had already created a character, Lissa, for the Hyrule universe while I was watching The Legend of Zelda cartoons. (Constant daydreaming at work again.) So I took her and add a few changes, and decided that the fourth Triforce would destroy the Power of Gold, and the Power of Gold was holding chaos in check allowing life to flourish. Destroy the Power of Gold and every universe would be destroyed. See the Family Tree and Chronology for the complete history of Hyrule.

Verge of Destruction was finished in 1992, making it the first fanfic I committed to paper. Mervin also suggested the title, since I was having a mental block on one.

He really liked Verge, but he found one complaint. "Legend of Zelda games don't have happy endings. Link and Zelda don't get together." So heaving fake sighs, I put pen to paper and started writing The Legend of Zelda: Master of the Dark Realm.

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