Tin Man: Not His Kink

Okay, this is usually where the story starts. But since this is the first erotic story I have posted at the Library, I figured you should know exactly what is this story contains. NC-17 material includes bondage, anal play, sexual toys, BDSM, CBT, spanking, whipping, rape/non-consensual sex, oral play, threesome, and dubious consensual sex. If I missed listing one, point it out to me and I will add it to this list.

Now there is story along with all the smut. Characterization and repercussions from plot points was not neglected, but there was no way to edit this story from NC-17 to something less. So the choices at the bottom are to go back to the Fiction section, continue on with the story, or look at the Author's Note to see why my brain went here.

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