Tin Man: Not His Kink

Part Ten

Cain bent over one of Glitch's previous inventions that was supposed to speed up report writing. It was still the pain in the neck he remembered from his patrol days. He found the letter to finish the sentence.

The door to his office slammed open. "Cain!" Raw sprang inside. "DG hurting!"

Cain jumped up. "Hurting how?"

"Beating. Someone beats her."

His heart lurched. He had been right; she had finally found someone else. "She's fine, Raw." He picked up his chair.

"Cain wrong." The Viewer leaned over the desk. "DG terrified." Raw shuddered. "Fingers broken. Needs help."

Cain sighed, but it sounded like a growl. DG's guilt probably and pushed things too far with someone who didn't know how to handle her. She would hate them for interrupting, but better than her lover getting charged with murder.

Only her rooms were empty. Raw's whimpering grew louder. But there was no sign of where she had gone. "DG is playing tag with one of the guards outside," Azkadellia said as she joined them in DG's sitting room.

"Tag?" Cain's thumbs tucked into his belt as he faced the older princess. "Isn't she a little old for that?" Azkadellia's expression reminded him of the other games the name 'tag' hid.

Raw's growl shocked them both. "DG not mating, not by choice. Take Cain to DG now with magic!"

Azkadellia didn't argue and twined her elbow with Cain's before clapping her hands together.

Cain lurched and decided the next time it would be the bright ideas leaking from Raw's ears. A cave solidified around them. In a lantern's light, a guard kicked a crumpled female form. "Why didn't you save him, you good for nothing witch!"

The Princess was faster than Cain's draw. The blast of magic from Azkadellia bashed the guard into the rocky wall. Cain dropped his gun back in its holster and knelt next to DG. Her pulse was still there, but her skin was cut and bruised. He scooped her into his arms and she cried weakly and it echoed in his ears.

"My poor sister," Azkadellia said.

"We have to get her back to Raw." Azkadellia didn't blink at Cain's curt orders and repeated her teleportation trick. Raw moaned once DG's quarters appeared again. Cain ignored him to give orders to the only expendable person in the room. "Go to Jeb and tell him to get that miserable--" He remembered he was speaking to a princess of the realm. "Get DG's attacker into custody. And don't let your parents know. They don't need to see her like this."

Azkadellia nodded. "I'll take care of that, Commander Cain." She stroked DG's hanging hair before leaving.

"Bathroom, Cain," Raw said, holding open the door. "Must clean cuts."

Cain hooked a stool with his foot and sat with DG in his lap. She whimpered and the sound tore a larger hole inside him. "Why didn't you pick me? I would've taken better care of you."

Raw didn't say anything to DG's cries as he healed or to Cain's whirlwind of thoughts. He only opened his mouth when Cain hesitated undressing DG. "I know DG's secrets. Knew before you."

They cleaned, healed, and put her to bed. Cain moved a chair to her bedside and didn't leave it. He acknowledged the princess and his son when they told him it was Charles Reachard and he was locked up tight. Raw shooed them out.

She never came to him. How many times could he watch the Princess he loved throw herself into the arms of other men? He couldn't watch her destroy herself. He leaned over the bed and took her hand in his. Yes, he needed to leave before this was added to his nightmares.

Raw remained silent through the night.

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