Tin Man: Not His Kink

Part Two

Cain remained a dead weight as the two former Longcoats dragged him through the underground rooms. They weren't checking to see if he had awakened. He waited for them to reach a door before he would attack.

"Hold up." A third voice stopped the two dragging him. Cain kept his eyes on the stone floor. A pair of boots stopped in his field of vision. "Zero wants him in his pants and shirt and blindfolded."

"Extra work for us," the one holding Cain's right arm grunted. But their holds loosened.

Cain jerked his arms free and kicked. The left one fell back, but the other two tackled him. He tagged one jaw before a sizzling pain knocked him back.

His coat was jerked down, pinning his arms. The third man grabbed Cain's head and slammed it with his knee. "Keep that up and you'll never see your princess in one piece again!" A half-hood tightened over Cain's head so he couldn't see. But his mouth was free and Cain spat blood from his split lip.

The former Longcoats stripped off his gun belt, bandolier, and boots before his coat and waistcoat. He heard a door open and he was dragged through it.

"Wyatt Cain, protector of the realm." There was no mistaking Zero's sneering gloat. Cain tensed involuntarily. "Put him up on the wall, boys."

Cain's back slammed against stone hard enough to force the air from his lungs. While he replaced it, manacles tightened around his ankles and wrists and pulled his arms and legs. His toes scraped the floor and his body weight stretched his shoulders in an unfamiliar way.

Zero continued in a conversational tone. "We were startin' to worry you wouldn't show, Cain. And that would've disappointed everyone."

Screw this banter crap. "Where is the princess?"

Zero chuckled. "What did I tell you, boys? The very definition of a workaholic equals Wyatt Cain." More men laughed with Zero. "Your princess is fine."

"I'd rather see that for myself."

"Maybe if you're a good boy, Cain, and do what you're told." Cain locked his jaw together to keep his seething anger inside. "The boys and I decided to share our little gutterdoxy with you. After all, it's been so long and Adora's dead."

A young woman without a stitch of clothing was shoved against Cain's chest. She shook her head and pushed away.

"You're disobeying me?" Zero's jovial attitude vanished in the snarl. A fist struck the girl and Cain felt her brush past heading to the floor.

"Zero leave her--" The rest of Cain's demand vanished in a cry of pain as one of those prod sticks hit his side. It left him gasping for air. No wonder Raw had every one of those things found in the Tower melted into slag.

The girl pressed her body against Cain and kissed his neck. Her lips trailed his collarbone, and he gasped for a different reason. It had been so long; his body reacted without much thought. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt ahead of her hot mouth.

"Don't," Cain said. This wasn't right. He had no emotional connection to this woman.

She stopped kissing above the waistband of his trousers. He felt Zero get closer, the girl's head jerked back, and she grabbed his thigh to keep her balance. "You follow my orders!" Zero tossed her head into Cain's hip. "Now suck him off!"

Cain inhaled as her trembling hands unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers. He was already half erect, so her gentle fingers didn't need to do much. Her tongue swirled around his shaft like he had only experienced in his dreams. While he could still think, he wished she was DG. You fool, DG was too young to experience this. Not innocent, he had heard her mouth when she was peeved.

The prostitute suckled and his train of thoughts derailed. He exploded in her mouth.

Zero and his lackeys laughed. "No stamina at all." He jostled the girl. "Get him hard again." It took longer, but not as long as it should have. Extra sensitivity to touch was a lingering effect of the annuals in the suit.

"Put this on him." Zero stopped the girl before Cain came again. She tightened a strap around the base of his penis and it throbbed. "That wasn't very satisfying for you, Gutterdoxy?" Zero jerked up the girl. "You'll like what we've got planned next better. Put him on the table, boys."

Cain punched as soon as his hand was free. His fingers fumbled with removing the hood, which gave someone a chance to zap him. He fell to his knees. Someone kicked his side before his arms were jerked behind his back and restrained with his shirt. Two held him down while two more stripped his clothes off. Then they each grabbed a limb.

They slammed his back down on a leather-padded table, wasting no time securing his wrists and ankles again. A set of knuckles backhanded his face. "You fight again," Zero growled in his ear, "the Gutterdoxy will get zapped hard enough to hear her scream through a gag. Do you want to make a woman scream?" The knuckles hit his other cheek. "Answer me, Cain!"

"Don't hurt her because of me," Cain growled.

Zero backed away. The prostitute fell against Cain's chest. He felt scar tissue wrapped around her back like ribbons. What kind of life had she led? "Mount him," Zero snapped.

She rolled and straddled Cain. He inhaled as she sank onto his penis. Large hands wrapped rope around her thighs and calves. She protested, but words didn't make it through the gag.

"Ride him, Gutterdoxy!" One man said with a smack to her buttocks that almost knocked her over. She caught herself without compressing Cain's ribs and attempted to raise her hips. How they had tied her legs took away her leverage.

"She needs more encouragement. What do you think, Zero?"

"Might have a point," Zero said. There was a rustle of chains above, then the crack of a whip against skin. The girl rose and sank, establishing a rhythm despite the continued bites from the whip.

Cain bit back a moan. He should have released but the strap around his penis grew tighter. The girl's inner walls tightened around him. The gag blocked her cry of pleasure.

Somebody lifted her slumping body off his penis, but they dropped her chest-to-chest with him. She flailed before her arms were pulled back. Her squeal wasn't of pleasure and her wet face pressed against his chest.

"You boys hungry?" Zero asked. "I'm starving. Let these two rest while we eat and then we'll play some more."

A hand slapped Cain's thigh before he felt the girl twitch from a blow. A heavy door squeaked open and slammed shut. The girl moved her head and Cain felt the strap wrapped around to hold a ball in her mouth. But he didn't feel a blindfold. "Can you see?"

She nodded, rubbing her nose and chin against his chest.

Gods, that felt good with her breasts pushing into him as she breathed. Cain concentrated; he had to get free, find DG, and rescue this poor girl. "Are they gone?"


"Are you bleeding? From the whip?"

Her nose moved sideways as she shook her head. Small relief; he hadn't been able to gauge how hard they had hit her.

"They kidnapped the youngest princess. Have you seen her?"


Cain swallowed. "Have they hurt her?"

She hesitated before shaking her head.

"I meant does she need a healer. Or have they raped her."

A shudder went through her body before she rapidly shook her head.

He sighed. They wanted to break him first. He put that in the advantages column to have something in it. The prostitute's face was pressed against his chest, and he felt her tears. "Don't cry. We'll get out of this. Can you get loose?"

She shook her head while inhaling sharply.

He pulled on the wrist manacles. "Doesn't look like I can either." He relaxed his hand, but couldn't pull it out. "Never was good with trick handcuffs. There's Zero, plus how many more?"

The prostitute tapped her nose four times.

"Zero has four men?"


Three against five wasn't too bad, providing they could ever get together. "Are they paying you?"

She shook her head.

That didn't bode well for how long they planned on letting her live. "Do you know where we are?"

She shook her head.

He had no idea either.

The door crashed open ahead of the men. "I told you not to talk to him!" Zero yelled. The prostitute's head jerked back and she tried to scream. "Strap her to the whipping bench!"

"Zero, no!" Cain shouted. The girl attempted to fight, but she couldn't move as two men lifted her. "She couldn't say anything," Cain said over her angry noises. He thrashed against his bonds. "I was talking to her. Punish me!"

"You can't resist a damsel in distress, can you?" The blow across Cain's face split his lip again.

"She didn't do anything."

"Or do you just want to mount the Gutterdoxy again?"

Cain seethed but didn't rise to Zero's bait. "Punish me."

The whip handle pressed down on Cain's throat. "No fighting this," Zero said. "Boys, strap him over Gutterdoxy, but leave access to her ass."

Cain walked where they guided him, but they restrained his arms. The prostitute was bent over a bench at waist-height with her feet on the floor. They forced him over her, putting his feet on blocks so her backside rested between his legs. She trembled as they tied his hands and feet to the furniture. Her hair smelled like apple blossoms. DG used the same shampoo. He shouldn't think about the Princess right now.

"Give me the paddle," Zero said behind them.

Cain tensed along with the girl. The blow landed on just his backside. Zero's men taunted for Cain to scream and for harder blows. Zero didn't change his tempo. Cain hissed with the pain. He'd be damned if he'd give these traitors what they wanted.

After Cain was certain the next blow would bruise, Zero stopped paddling. "Cain wants to prove how macho he is. Put him in the stocks, boys."

The men pulled Cain across the room for more steps than it took between the table and the bench. They forced his head and hands through holes set so he had to bend at the waist. Fetters on his ankles locked his feet apart. They fastened down the top board imprisoning his head and hands.

Zero's cohorts were quiet and Cain heard the former general talking to the prostitute. "Wasn't it nice of Cain to take your punishment, Gutterdoxy? Bet his ass is wishing he wasn't so gallant now." Zero's voice moved closer. "Now what to do with you so you don't cause any trouble."

He put her underneath Cain's quivering stomach, and tied her hands behind his back. She pressed her head against his ribs. Hands brushed his backside and Cain flinched. Zero chuckled. A finger slid between Cain's cheeks and pushed into his rectum.

"No!" The back of Cain's head hit the stocks. He buckled his knees, but with the girl under him he didn't have room to move. She tried to drop closer to the floor, but couldn't. "Don't!"

"That made him weak in the knees, boys." They all laughed. "Let's see what this does."

Between the hoots, Cain heard trousers being undone. He bucked again with an inarticulate growl. Hands pinned his hips as bare thighs pressed against his. Cain bellowed as the pain sharpened.

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