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This story takes place an annual after the events in the Tin Man miniseries.

Tin Man: Not His Kink

Part One

DG never expected to wake up in the O.Z. tied to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth. Zero leered at her, so it was still the O.Z. "We were afraid you would miss the guest of honor." He seized her chin. She shook her head out of Zero's grasp with a glare. The four former Longcoats behind Zero chortled. "The Princess woke up grouchy."

They laughed again. DG ignored them as she looked around the windowless room. Were her guards captured too? She saw stocks out of the corner of her right eye; a padded table behind the Longcoats; chains hanging from the walls, ceiling, and posts; and a spanking bench to the left. Her stomach lurched.

Zero noticed her glances. "Wondering where you are?" His finger stroked her cheek, and she couldn't shake it off. "You made this possible, Princess. Your insistence at having your own way, deviating from the path your guards had secured." He pulled her head back by her hair. "Thanks to you, I'll have Cain again."

She glared, hoping her magic would do something useful like set him on fire. It didn't. His free hand wrapped around her throat without pressure, giving her a heady dose of malice. Down girl. Zero's games kill people.

He laughed at her glare. "I don't think you understand. This is where you're supposed to be weepy and pleading for your hero."

DG narrowed her eyes. Zero let her go as he turned to his lackeys. "Go get the lesson." Two nodded and left the windowless room.

They dragged a man in a Royal guard uniform and a sack over his head inside. He was forced to his knees in front of her chair before Zero jerked off the sack. Pete Reachard's brown eyes blinked as he struggled to stand. Her youngest guard was attempting to protect her when Zero pressed the muzzle of the gun against Pete's head and pulled the trigger.

DG recoiled as the gore splattered over her. Zero and his men laughed. "We got the Princess dirty, boys. Clean her up."

The four men hooted as they freed her from the chair. She punched and kicked. They tore her dress. She wouldn't give in without a fight ever again. One man threw a bucket of water in her face. She pushed and pulled to escape their grips. They wiped away the blood with scrapes of her dress as they pulled it off.

Ropes looped around her wrists and ankles. Not all of her weight was in the air before she recognized the danger and grabbed the rope leading up to the ceiling. The O.Z. had ball gags but no suspension cuffs. Hopefully, she wouldn't tear up her wrists.

One lackey ran his hand down her back while her legs were pulled off the floor. "Hey Zero, come see this."

The men stepped aside as Zero gazed at her back. His cold eyes flashed with recognition when he saw the grip she had on the ropes. He traced over one of the thin scars running to her ribcage with a gloved finger. "Someone has been a naughty girl." His hand grabbed her panty-covered hip. "Do your parents know how naughty you've been?"

DG glared, hoping it would disguise her rapidly beating heart.

Zero signaled and she was pulled higher until they were eye to eye. "Cain doesn't know. He wouldn't show a gutterdoxy the respect he shows the sweet, innocent Princess."

No, he was wrong about that; Cain treated everyone the same. She didn't want Cain to know because what the scandal could do. If no one knew but her, no scandal. She didn't brace for the slap on her ass, and her body reacted.

He smirked at her arousal. "Don't worry, Gutterdoxy, we'll whore you up just how you like it." The other men laughed. Zero pulled out a knife. DG's stomach knotted, but he only cut off her panties. "Cain's never even noticed what you need, still pining for his precious Adora." His hand forced its way between her legs as she thrashed. "Cain won't have you that way. He likes his women sweet." He pinched her clit. Her scream barely made it past the ball gag, but Zero grinned at the tears in her eyes. "And we all know you aren't sweet, Gutterdoxy."

Zero's lackeys laughed. "When can we play with her?" The black-haired one with a pointy chin asked. She decided to call him Lackey 1.

"After we've had fun with Cain. Tie her to the post." They pressed her back against one of the stone columns so her thighs were forced apart. Rope circled her waist and the column kept her in place. "Somebody find me a belt small enough for a collar." Zero seized her chin. "Keep this in mind, Gutterdoxy. The longer you cooperate, the longer I'll keep Wyatt Cain alive." He directed her gaze to Peter's prone body. "Cain's death won't be that quick."

They dragged Peter's body out with them. DG worked on her breathing. She had gotten Peter killed. Zero knew her weakness. And he would make her help torture Cain. She wouldn't let herself cry. She had to get Cain out of this. This wasn't his kink.

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