Tin Man/Medical Investigation: Alchemy

Part Thirty-Three
Prompt: Contest

Jeb flexed his hand in the bulky glove that shaped his hand into a cup and wondered how exactly he got roped into this. So he had a soft spot for the son of the man who looked and acted so much like his own father. Jack was like a little brother his parents had never given him. DG's enthusiasm for something that represented her childhood pulled at everyone. And Jeb found himself out in the middle of Baron Colfer's sizable lawn, waiting for Dr. Connor to throw the white ball for Marsen to hit with a club, in hopes that he would catch the ball without it hitting the ground first. Strange contest the Other Side had invented.

His father was not playing, opting instead to keep Azkadellia company while they watched. Frank decided to be something called the umpire, which meant scorekeeper. All the other Slippers were quickly picked for Jack's team along with Jeb. DG got Marsen, Glitch, and Raw. Soldiers and Colfer's servants with free time and wanted to try out this game filled up the available positions until eighteen people were playing.

DG and Frank had to keep explaining the rules more often to her teammates, but Jack's team had no advantage despite knowing the game. Connor and Jack were the only ones with any athletic ability.

Marsen's club connected with the ball with a crack that sounded like something should be broken. The ball bounced to the left field. She ran for the white mat called first base, red hair streaming in her wake. Glitch was already safely on second when the ball arrived.

Raw was the next one to hit. DG adjusted his stance to her liking, before retreating to the bench both she and Jack called the dugout even though they hadn't attacked the Baron's lawn with shovels.

The ball soared over head and Jeb realized it was going past him. He grinned and started running for it.

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