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Chapter Twenty-Four

It was odd traveling with these allies of Jade and Skywalker. The Force was consistently out of reach when Kam stood next to General Solo and the two aliens, but he didn’t feel the same throbbing headache like around the Force dampeners. Still for the Citadel being under attack, the Imperial Sovereign Protectors and stormtroopers hadn’t increased patrols. They made it to the museum of Force items unmolested. “Everything inside is protected by alarms and I don’t have the security clearance to override them.” He explained as the tall doors slid open in front of them.

Solo pursed his lips as he studied the room. “Jade should have given us a few boxes for all this stuff.” The Wookiee growled out a response. Solo nodded and holstered his heavy blaster pistol. “Cutting their power will work as long as they’re not programed to respond when the power’s off. Let’s see what we’re working with here.” They turned to the access panel in the wall near the door. The small, gray-skinned alien aimed his blaster rifle at the doorway. It didn’t take long for the human and Wookiee to remove the panel with the tools they had stashed in their belts.

Kam moved away. Maybe a storage cabinet had something to carry the holocrons and lightsabers in. About halfway through the room, he felt the Force return and with the deeper awareness flared an alarm. The display case holding the Jedi Path book tore off its supporting legs and flew towards the door. “Duck!” He threw himself toward the wall of lightsabers.

The display case hit the metal wall with a thud before dropping to the carpeted floor. The alarm attached to that display wailed. Solo lifted his head off the floor where he and the Wookiee had dodged. He peered into the case with a puzzled frown. “Who in hells is throwing books at us?”

A lightsaber ignited drawing attention to the open door to the Sith artifact room. “I don’t want to damage my Master’s prizes.” The Dark Side Elite with spiky black hair strode into the room with a red lightsaber in his grip. “You let Skywalker into your head, Solusar. I’m afraid Darth Sidious cannot condone that, nor your siding with traitors.” Sedriss pointed at Kam with his lightsaber.

Kam climbed to his feet and reached his hand into the lightsaber tray. The leather-wrapped hilt pulsed in his grip. He activated the amber blade of his father’s lightsaber and settled into a guard stance to protect the gentlebeings behind him. “Save your lies, Sedriss. I remember everything you tortured out of me.” Sedriss charged forward. Kam met him halfway and blocked the sweep of the red lightsaber.

“Don’t worry about the alarms, Chewie; grab everything you can!” Solo yelled. The Wookiee roared his agreement and more alarms joined the one already blaring.

Sedriss dodged among the holocron pedestals, obviously intent on circling Kam to stop the others. Kam intercepted him while Solo and the Wookiee grabbed lightsaber hilts from the wall. The red lightsaber slashed over the holocron but Kam ducked and rolled, ending up with the amber blade in front of the Dark Sider. Sedriss snarled and batted at it, but Kam met every blow.

The red blade sliced through a pedestal, luckily missing the irreplaceable holocron on top of it though it slid to the floor along with the metal . But Sedriss’ shock that he had miscalculated gave Kam the opportunity to press the attack. He forced Sedriss back into the clear space of the room near the wall of lightsabers. He remembered his training here on Byss, which had honed the early lessons his father had given him. The only advantage Sedriss had over Kam’s dueling was the Executor was trusted to have a lightsaber. How many people had Sedriss tortured into joining the Emperor Reborn? The red and amber blades snapped as they collided.

Sedriss jumped back toward the open door into the next room. His free hand reached up. One of the lightsaber display trays high on the wall tore free and hurtled toward Kam. He jumped up to meet it and the amber lightsaber cut the tray in half. Lightsaber hilts rained down to the floor. Sedriss retreated to the doorway. Kam paused and stretched out with the Force. The dodecahedral holocron in the center of the room rose off its pedestal followed by the smaller cubical holocrons between him and the central one. Once he had a good grasp on them, Kam sent them to Solo and the others. Then he ran after Sedriss.

The Sith library enveloped Kam’s mind in thick darkness bearing down on him. He staggered but remembered how Luke’s family created love and laughter and never pushed him away from that. He remembered the love he had for his own mother and father. The darkness became a shadow to step through.

Sedriss swept the artifacts off the wall of shelves. Kam slashed the air in front of him as the boxes and objects moved toward him. The Dark objects screamed as the lightsaber cleaved them. Sedriss charged but Kam kicked him back into a laboratory table. Chemicals spilled and began to smoke.

Sedriss rolled off the table and overturned it. Kam jumped back from the broken beakers and the smoking chemicals. “Do you really think they’ll accept you, Solusar? With everything you’ve done for the Emperor Reborn?”

“They already have.” He balanced the lightsaber in front of him in a guard position. “And I’m ready to serve the galaxy to make up for what I have done and what I never stopped you from doing.”

“You don’t have the power to stop me.” Sedriss raised his lightsaber over his head and ran forward while he drove it down. Kam dropped to his knees and stabbed upward. Sedriss stopped with a lurch. Kam continued the cut as he stood up, diagonally cutting his opponent from waist to Sedriss’ left shoulder. The body dropped with a thud once Kam deactivated his father’s lightsaber.

He staggered back to the Jedi artifact room and blinked at the heavy blaster pistol and the bowcaster aimed at him. “The other guy dead?” General Solo demanded. Kam nodded. “Who’s Darth Sidious?” he continued.

“Palpatine,” Kam answered.

The pistol went back to its holster. “Should’ve guessed that. How many names does he need? Force grab the rest of these will you?” He grabbed two glowing cubes with his free hands. They had most of them already, leaving about a dozen of the small cubes for Kam to gather. Solo grabbed them out of the air and put them into the book’s display case, which the Wookiee held like a crate.

The Noghri shot his blaster rifle down the corridor before ducking back into the room. “Forces are converging on this location, Han clan Solo.”

“Luke and Leia, where are they?” Solo stared at Kam.

Kam stopped in the center of the room, where he could still feel the Force. He reached out for Luke’s bright presence which had grown familiar over the two weeks he had been kept in the Citadel. It was magnified by the presence of his twin sister. “They’re in the throne room with Palpatine.”

“Okay, we’re going there next. Don’t like the idea of Luke in there without a weapon.” Solo glanced at the lightsaber clipped to Kam’s belt. “Can you do Luke’s trick of deflecting blaster bolts?”

“I haven’t had much practice with live opponents,” Kam answered honestly. “But I need the Force. However are you managing to block it?”

“Okay, we’ll hang back,” Solo answered.

Kam nodded as he took the lead position through the door with his father’s lightsaber in his hand. The Noghri’s expression was unreadable to him as the smaller alien moved back. Nor did he register in the Force while Kam had it inside the chamber. The Force slipped out of reach as Kam moved through the doorway, but returned once he reached the hallway.

The stormtroopers down the corridor took aim, not caring about the priceless contents surrounding them. Kam felt the calmness of the Force and ignited his lightsaber. The amber glow slashed through the air. Blaster bolts whizzed past him and stormtroopers caught them in their armored chest. One caught a bolt so hard he flew back. Soon they all dropped to the floor.

“That worked better than anticipated,” Solo said. Kam whirled around to see the other three lowering their weapons. “Which way to the throne room?”

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