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Chapter Two

Metallic hands shoved Luke into a barely illuminated, pourstone constructed room. This wasn't the ship he had just been on. A door mechanism slid shut with a heavy thud. He spun around and faced a cell door.

A muscular humanoid male crossed his red-skinned arms over his bare chest as his pale eyes gleamed from the shadows of the white-hood that covered his head and neck. The Gamemaster's voice came through the bars covering the cell doorway. "{Don't think you can ignore Grakkus' orders, Skywalker. We will test her and punish her if you don't comply.}"

Luke's face heated as he banged his fist against the bars. "{Leave her alone!}" The Gamemaster ignored his outburst and continued down the dark dungeon hall. Luke huffed out his frustration. He didn't need to lose his temper. The poor slave girl behind him will expect him to take his anger out on her. He didn't want her to be afraid of him. He leaned against the bars with a sigh. Just four weeks ago, he had saved nearly the entire Rebellion by blowing up the Death Star, and now a Hutt with a Jedi fetish had trapped him on Nar Shaddaa.

"What's going on? I don't speak Huttese."

He whirled around to face the slave girl imprisoned with him. How could she be living on Nar Shaddaa without knowing Huttese? Everything said in Grakkus' throne room had been in Huttese, except for the one question he had asked her in Basic. His fastened yellow flight jacket swallowed her lithe frame, and it only covered her from shoulders to upper thighs. The slaving collar around her neck was visible through the opening in the jacket's collar. He also saw how bruised her pale legs were. Her knees were almost black.

The corners of her mouth still had angry red marks from the too-tight gag, and her frown accentuated them. What reason did she have to trust him? The only male in the throne room who had put clothing on her seemed inadequate now.

"Please tell me you know more Basic." Worry tightened her wary green eyes.

"Sorry. I know Basic and Huttese. I thought you knew—" His face heated again. "Grakkus agreed you can stay here with me and no one else will touch you if we keep having sex."

She swallowed hard. "And the consequences if we do not?"

"Damn the consequences." His hands curled into fists, but he kept his arms welded to his sides. "If you don't want me touching you again, I won't. And I won't let them hurt you." Her eyebrows raised as she snorted. "I won't," he repeated because he was just that stubborn. Grakkus had no idea how stubborn he could be.

Her eyebrows lowered again as she grew thoughtful. "That seems a poor choice. Wouldn't they lower their guard if we cooperate?"

"Not around me they haven't," Luke muttered.

She sat down on the cot with her legs tight together like she was wearing a skirt. "Do you plan on sharing me with anyone else?"

"No! The whole point is so no one else touches you." He hated this scenario. He had expected a beautiful girl who liked him back, and magic between the two of them for his entire life. Not this mess that he'd rather not remind her of.

She went there with her next question. "Will he, Grakkus, drag us in front of everyone to perform again?"

"I don't think so," Luke answered. He turned away and the throne room surrounded him again. Two MagnaGuards flanked him with a metal hand from each wrapped around his upper arms as they escorted him to Grakkus. The Hutt on six pairs of cybernetic legs loomed over the Nikto, Klatooinians, and the Gamemaster present in this large room that Luke hadn't been in before. "{Good, my little Jedi is here. Bring out my new slave.}" His chuckle reminded Luke of Jabba's recording that was played to the moisture farmers for their tributes.

Two MagnaGuards pulled a human woman through another doorway. She was throwing herself back, trying to break the droids' hold on her wrists and arms. They lifted her bare feet off the floor. Her bare legs dangled in the air under the tunic she was wearing. She kicked, aiming to hit the droid's knee joint, but missed. Luke winced, sympathetic that she hadn't broken her toes. They reached the larger group, and the droids stepped further apart and dangled her above the floor from their hands around her wrists.

"{I want to inspect the teeny thief. Finish striping her,}" Grakkus ordered. A green-scaled Nikto unsheathed a vibroknife. "{Carefully! No more bleeding.}" The Nikto nodded as he headed to the girl and droids.

No more bleeding? Luke asked himself in dismay. What had they done to this girl?

A savage snarl from her drew his attention back. They had forced a plasticene bit between her jaws, and the loop that went around her head was so tight it gouged into her cheeks. She thrashed in the air, trying to swing her legs at the Nikto.

The Nikto went around the droids to her back while the droids grabbed her thighs with their free metal hands. She snarled again as they forced her still. The Nikto grabbed her tunic and slashed the material. It parted at the shoulders and down the sleeves and fluttered to the floor. Her basics soon followed.

Her pale skin was the same shade, untouched by any suns from head to her toes. Luke's face heated as he realized the curls at the juncture of her legs were darker than her red-gold braid. The slaving collar around her slender neck gleamed in the light. Luke turned his gaze away to spare her some privacy as the crowd began hooting what they wanted to do to her.

Luke's gaze met Grakkus' who was watching him. "{I'm not like Jabba.}" He waved his three-fingered hand toward the slave girl. "{She is human like you. Do you find her attractive?}"

"{Since when does my opinion count?}" Luke asked sarcastically.

"{I want to gift her to you.}" Grakkus sounded serious. "{You have been cooperative, little Jedi. I would reward that. She attempted to steal from me, so I will punish her. If you do not find her attractive, all my employees can have her instead.}" The Hutt's gaze moved to the rowdy males. "{They seem to find her attractive.}"

Luke's stomach clenched and rolled at the same time. Rape by him or rape by all of them; Grakkus was thorough in his punishments. Luke glanced back at her shivering in the MagnaGuards hold. "{She's attractive.}"

"{Release the little Jedi.}" The MagnaGuards beside Luke followed Grakkus' orders and opened the binders on Luke's wrists. "{Go on, enjoy her.}"

The wrongness slowed his steps across the throne room and echoed in his head louder than the jeers from the audience. Her head jerked as she watched him and looked back at Grakkus, the audience, and the battle droids holding her up. As he got closer, he realized her skin had a variation of tone. Circles of dusty rose surrounded the peaked nipples of her pert breasts. Freckles covered her arms and upper body like the stars over the Choatt Salt Flats. Bruises bloomed on her skin too, and livid red marks branded her arms where she had been grabbed and held.

And she was beautiful, far too beautiful to be interested in him. His cock throbbed harder the closer he got. But every lesson Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru had taught him on how to court a woman was shrieking in his mind. This wasn't right, none of this was right, but Grakkus' thugs would hurt her worse than she already was. They were looking forward to it, judging by what they were yelling at him now. He would ask. He would give back as much control over her life as he could.

Her chest heaved as she breathed hard around the plasticene in her mouth. Luke jerked his gaze up, and the green of her eyes caught him. They reminded him of his first glimpse of Yavin 4 as the Falcon had descended to the Rebel base there. They also reminded him of a spooked eopie. She stared at him, not even trying to glance at the others in the throne room.

"{I don't want to hurt you.}" He murmured in Huttese, trying to not attract attention to his rebellious attempt here. "{They do want to hurt you.}"

A sound of bafflement made it past the gag as those vivid green eyes pinched in confusion. She had at least given up on thrashing, but something that had lit her fight was dimming in her eyes.

Luke shifted to block her from view as much as he could and switched to Basic. "Grakkus said it's me kriffing you or all of them. Are you okay with me?"

Understanding filled her face, and she nodded hard once. He swallowed hard but freed his cock from his brown pants. The MagnaGuards held her about even with his height so this should work. This alignment reminded him of a skin holovid they had studied at Tosche Station before Cammie found out about it and incinerated the datacard. He put his hand on her side, feeling her ribs as he slid his hand down to her hip. He had to look down to make sure everything lined up, pushed his cock into her slit, and froze with how different that felt from his hand wrapped around it.

The slave girl grunted with his thrust and he jerked his eyes back up to her face. Her eyebrows had a puzzled tilt to them now. She rolled her hips against his. He lost his wonder at just how she had done that in his need to thrust into her. His left hand seized her other hip before he rocked back and forward again.

She moaned with her inhale but nodded when he looked at her again. He moved again, sliding easier into her wet heat. He wanted to make sure he didn't hurt her, but his body overruled his mental desires to chase the sensation tightening his muscles and balls.

His orgasm shook him completely as it shot into her. He tightened his hold on her as he recovered. Now he heard the yelling again, pointing out she wasn't satisfied at all and it was their turns. He pulled out of her, snatched the remains of her tunic off the floor, and cleaned first her and then himself before fastening his trouser closed again.

Her vivid green eyes blinked down at him, and her puzzled eyebrows were back. He couldn't ask her what was wrong with that gag in her mouth. She glanced behind him and the anger flared again in them. He whirled around.

The Nikto had his vibroknife sheathed as he approached. "{Out of the way, little human,}" he said in Huttese. "{I'll show you how to rut a female.}"

Luke balled up his fists. "{Stay away from her. Grakkus, you said it was me or them!}"

"{Grakkus said that.}" The Hutt stepped forward in a quick staccato of his cybernetic legs. "{Have you tamed the teeny thief? I won't have her hurting you, little Jedi. Release her.}"

The MagnaGuards loosened their hands around the slave girl before Luke could spin around and catch her. She wasn't ready for it and her legs crumpled under her, but she stopped herself from face planting by bracing with her arms.

Luke choked off the insult he wanted into a growl and stripped off his yellow flight jacket. He draped the jacket over her shoulders. She jerked her head around to look at him, her eyes pinching with pain. He nodded at her as she shifted to grab his jacket.

"{Well, little Jedi, you have tamed her.}" There was an unhappy grumble from the other males that stopped immediately with a look from Grakkus. "{What do you want for your gift?}"

He swallowed down the retort over owning beings. He had to work with the slavery system to protect her. "{I want her to stay with me. I don't trust your employees to leave her alone.}" He glared at the closest Nikto. The green-scaled face scowled back at him.

"{If she stays with you, little Jedi, you must kriff her every day. I will not have my gift unused.}" Grakkus wagged a finger at him.

Luke curled his fists again. "{Fine, I will.}"

"{Good, no one else will touch her. This is the will of Grakkus. Gamemaster, escort them both to the little Jedi's cell.}" The MagnaGuards moved. The two closest grabbed the slave girl's arms again and pulled her to her feet. Luke whirled around to see after she gave a startled cry through her gag.

He was back in the cell, and she was sitting primly on the cot. "I'm sorry," he apologized for the throne room. "I didn't see any other way to stop them from hurting you." He considered the bruise across her right cheekbone, the other bruises down her legs, and the abrasions around her wrists and ankles. "Hurting you more."

"It was the safer choice," she answered softly. "The odds were against us fighting in there. And they're still against us here, so we better comply until we can make better odds."

"We're going to keep having sex?" he asked. "It's your choice."

She nodded jerkily, bouncing her red-gold braid against the jacket's back.

He said the next in a rush before he lost his nerve. "Okay, I don't know what I'm doing, and I know I'm the last man a woman like you would pick." He stared at the stone floor. "I don't know how to make it good for you. I don't want to hurt you. You're hurt enough."

"I've had worse," she said with another scoff. "Wait, that was your first time?" Her horrified tone drew his gaze back up. Sympathy replaced horror in her expression. "We can make it so much better."

She agreed out of pity. He glanced away as his cheeks burned. He was the last man this beautiful woman would choose, someone who had never had sex before. Whatever she told him to do, he would. Anything to give her pleasure.

The food slot cover shoved open with a bang. The tray slid through onto the counter attached to the door wall. He turned to the offering: two bowls of gruel. They weren't planning on starving them on shortened rations. "Are you hungry?" he asked.

"Are they going to drug us?" Her wary worry was back and making him feel like he hadn't been worried enough about his predicament.

"They haven't drugged me yet. Don't give them any ideas." She held out her battered hands, and he passed a bowl and spoon to her. He sat on the floor with his bowl. "It's bland, but they don't have any harissa or tabil here."

She looked up from her bowl. "I don't know either of those things." The bruise had vanished from her face.

"They're seasoning blends my aunt used to cook with." Something was wrong. They hadn't talked about Grakkus' sorry cuisine that first night.

"Kaae jeedai?" The bruise was back on her cheek as she looked at him. "Is that your name?"

"My name is Luke. Kaae Jeedai means little Jedi, Grakkus' joke." He couldn't keep the bitterness out of his voice.

"You're a Jedi?" She hid her fear quickly under polite interest, but he saw it now. Was that why she hadn't fled with him?

But now all his mouth formed were the same words he had said nine years ago. "I'm not a Jedi, but I need to be. Vader killed the man who was going to teach me. I thought I could hire someone here to smuggle me to the old Jedi Temple in Imperial City and look for more information there, but Grakkus caught me instead. He took my father's lightsaber, Ben's journals, has me training for something, and now this." He stopped upon seeing her open mouth. "What?"

"That has to be the most convoluted way of turning yourself in that I've ever heard," she finally said. "The Emperor turned the Jedi Temple into his palace."

"I didn't know." Grakkus' interest in him had probably saved him from certain death. He still didn't like the Hutt any better knowing that. "I thought I could search it before my leave was up, so I didn't clear it with High Command." Leia would have told him how stupid he was if he had. "What's your name? And why did Grakkus call you a thief?"

"My name is Mara." She looked into her bowl of gruel and stirred it. "My master wanted something out of Grakkus' collection, so he sent me here to retrieve it." She glared at the bowl. "I stupidly missed the secondary alarm. And then the guards nabbed me." Her grin was feral under the bruise. "They'll remember how I hit them though."

"But your master will get you out of here."

The bruise had vanished from her bleak face again. "No, he left me here. Said I deserved whatever punishment Grakkus thought of for my failure."

Luke's stomach churned. And what Grakkus had thought up was to have the guards rape her if Luke refused. "My friends are looking for me. We'll get out once they get here."

"I hope you're right about your friends' loyalty." Mara turned her head away, looking at the barred doorway. She always looked that bleak when she thought of her former master's betrayal.

Would sex help? Maybe what she had taught him that wasn't good enough for the medical test. But she enjoyed it. He set aside his bowl and crawled to the cot in front of her legs. He kissed her healed knee before looking up at her.

Her green eyes met his gaze. "What are you up to?"

"Distracting you. Do you want me to stop?"

"No," she answered. The unfastened jacket revealed a line of pale skin from her navel up to her collarbone.

He gently parted her thighs and kissed the inside of her left knee then her right.

"It takes more than that to distract me."

"It's a process." His next kiss moved up her inner left thigh.

"I don't think you thought this through."

He left his mouth on her right thigh while he put his hands around her hips. He pulled her forward to the edge of the cot and his tongue licked the rest of her thigh. He leaned back to look at her.

She pushed the unfastened jacket off her shoulders. "I like it when you prove me wrong," she panted.

He grinned at her before giving his retort, which was to run his tongue over the juncture of her thighs. Her fingers combed into his hair and rested on the back of his head as he continued to lick her folds. But there was a metallic aftertaste he hadn't tasted before, and he felt dizzy with stunner lag and something else. Had Grakkus drugged him? Why? He was doing everything the Hutt wanted.

Mara's face swam in and out of focus above him. He reached for it. He would kiss her this time, making up for all the times he talked himself out of kissing her before. "How much did you give him?" She snapped at someone outside his focus.

Something was wrong. Someone had drugged him. He knew how to deal with being drugged now, but the technique he had learned from the Chu'unthor records wasn't working. He struggled to sit up.

Mara turned back to him and pressed him back down on a bunk. "It's all right, Luke. I'm here. Just sleep it off."

His hand found her arm and wrapped around it. She was here. He didn't squeeze; he didn't want to hurt her.

She smoothed his hair back, like Aunt Beru did when he was sick. "Sleep, Luke. I'm here."

That sounded like a good idea. His eyes closed, and he drifted down into darkness beyond his memories.

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