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Storytelling is the oral communication of a story and is thriving today despite the prevalence of print and misconceptions about the nature of storytelling. One popular misconception that Albert Bates Lord points out is that "oral literature is crude, formless, unstructured, and that without writing one cannot create intricate structures of verbal expression." (Lord 30) Storytelling operates differently from written stories and people who do not understand the differences between the two forms try to make one form better than the other.

Storytelling usually takes the form of an exaggerated imaginary tale of elaborate heroic feats. (Chan On-line 1) These tales cover many genres, but all have similar characteristics.

Storytelling was supplanted by written stories, and oral literature lost its status. It survives today as entertainment or a deliberate attempt to preserve the past. People who fear that storytelling will die out underestimate the power of perseverance. As long as people still talk, storytelling will be part of our culture.