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Mural on Cassandra's wall The Artists:
Goliath - me
Elisa - me
Fox - from cartoon
Xanatos - me
Macbeth - me
Demona - me
Lysander - Lex Wyvern/coloring - me
Brooklyn and Sata - Christi Smith Hayden
Angela and Broadway - Christi Smith Hayden
Alexander and Lexington - from cartoon
Cassandra - me
Umbriel - Christi Smith Hayden/coloring - me
Bronx - from cartoon
Hudson - Christi Smith Hayden
The Twins - Christi Smith Hayden
Owen/Puck - me

Lex Wyvern gave me permission to use this artwork as long as I put up a link to the Clocktower. Here it is. The artwork by Christi Smith Hayden was all done for The Gargoyles Saga.

My whole purpose for a TimeDancer story was to foreshadow some of the things coming in stories I have planned to fit between Gargoyles: A Mist of Prophecies: Shivers the Heart to Hear and TimeDancer: A Mist of Prophecies: The Party. I also wondered what happened to Jerusha after TimeDancer: Requiem. This story takes place between TimeDancer: Menagerie Part Two and TimeDancer: To the Soul, both second season episodes.

Readers of The Gargoyles Saga will notice that Umbriel is alive and well in my story. My series diverges with the TGS series right after the second season episode Gargoyles: Strange Bedfellows.

My Gargoyles series; yet another series I began without planning to. Once I finished this story--the third in the series--I realized the series needed a title. Especially since I have five or more stories left to write. My sister finally helped me decide on A Mist of Prophecies (another quote from Agamemnon by Aeschylus) as the series title. All three of the Gargoyles stories I have written--A Storm of Things Foreseen, Shivers the Heart to Hear, and TimeDancer: The Party--now fall under this title.

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