The Dark Knight Rises: Weapon of the Shadows

Chapter Thirteen

Selina flagged a cab as she left the World Financial Center. "Iceberg Lounge." The driver glanced at her. "You do know where it is?"

"Yeah, but it's a nightclub and ain't open yet."

"I have an interview."

"Ah." He maneuvered the cab into the traffic. "So you've seen the news about Nightwing? What do you think about Batgirl?"

It was impossible to miss the news on Nightwing since she arrived, but she was glad that he was okay, for Bruce's sake. Batgirl on the other hand, "I can't decide if she's a protégé Batman trained or if she's got a hard on for dead guys in capes."

That kept the cabbie entertained until they reached Oswald's building. Good thing, because she couldn't lose focus by thinking about how Bruce was reacting to Cassandra's father shooting at Gordon. She strode inside the nightclub, ignored the wait staff prepping for tonight, and glared at Oswald's office door while she strutted to it.

"Hey! You're not supposed to be here." The muscular bouncer or bodyguard crossed the bar area to intercept her. "You can't go in there."

"Watch me." She grabbed his snatching arm and redirected his momentum with a judo throw. He slammed against the floor. She kept walking.

Oswald opened his office door. "Selina, what brings you to Gotham?"

"A phone call from Jen about how she's been taken hostage by an assassin with a beef against me."

His lips pressed together as he sighed through his long nose. "Come in." Selina shut the office door as the balding man sat behind his desk. "If I knew he had any arguments with you, I would have offered the contract to another assassin."

She sat in a visitor's chair with her own sigh. "It's more my fault than yours. I took something from this guy and he wants it back."

"Give it back to him. Jen's a good assistant, and he's one of the top five assassins in the world. You don't want that variety of violence."

She tugged on her dress hem. "What he wants belongs to a third party, and it deserved a better life." She looked up. "He'll let Jen go if I meet with him, which I've agreed to do. But I'm not going in blind. What's his name?"

"Now, Selina, my colleague and dare I say friend? My reputation as someone who can bring together birds of a feather is the nest my empire is built on." He polished his monocle with a handkerchief. "You of all people know what an asset one's reputation is, my Felonious Feline, and my reputation depends on keeping my beak shut."

"You do know what cats do to birds, don't you, Ozzy? Give me this assassin's name so I can arrange for his world of hurt. Nothing will point back to you."

His nose twitched as he replaced his monocle. "It's not my habit to give out any information without--"

"Drop it. We both know you don't want me to beat it out of you, but I will if I have to." She stood without taking her unblinking gaze off Oswald.

"David Cain!" He jerked back in his leather office chair. "His name is David Cain."

"And who hired him to kill Gordon?"

His blue eyes bored into hers. "You know I cannot divulge that."

"You right; I shouldn't have asked that. Anything special I should know about the World Financial Center?"

"Not that I know of." He scooted his chair up to the desk.

"I don't know when he'll release Jen or what shape she'll be in. I'm counting on you to take care of her."

"She'll have the finest medical care in the city if she needs it." Selina nodded and turned to the door. "You won't come back from that meeting," he said.

She plastered on her cocky mask. "Maybe, maybe not, but there will be an opening on the top five assassins in the world list."

The next cabbie chatted about the rebuilding the Gotham Rogues had to do. Selina kept her comments neutral because she had no idea who Roger Goodell was, why he hated the Rogues, or what it had to do with salary caps. It was a relief to get out two blocks away and walk to Gordon's apartment building.

The Commissioner was at Police Headquarters and his home security was still no challenge. Didn't she tell him to upgrade that before she left Gotham? She wandered the rooms, looking for paper and pen, but really observing for herself that Gordon was okay.

A new eight-by-ten photograph of a red-haired girl in a graduation cap and gown hung on the living room wall. One of the guest bedrooms had been moved into, and judging by the clothes it was Gordon's daughter. Good for him. The daughter also had printer paper and pens available on her desk. Selina snagged a sheet and wrote her explanation to Gordon. She didn't want to be here when the kid came home.

This letter was much easier to write than the last one. She explained how she found Cassandra in Hong Kong, what she had learned about her life with her father, and that her father was the one who shot Nightwing. Her words faltered when she got to Cassandra's current circumstances.

I left Cassandra in Florence, Italy with the only person on the planet I trust to keep her safe. He's going by Hemingford Grey now. If you have to, see him in person, Jim. I doubt he'll cooperate with anyone with less authority than you.

I'll leave evidence on top of the World Financial Center that proves all this. A confession from David Cain's own mouth should work, right? Go to Cassandra only if you have to. She's been hurt so much and I piled more hurt on top. That goes for both of them, actually. Please be gentle with them. And get a damn alarm system for this apartment!
She couldn't think of anything else. She signed her name and folded it closed. Then she wrote "Open if you find Selina Kyle's body" on the rectangle and taped it to Gordon's bathroom mirror.

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