Author's Notes on
Star Wars:
Interrogation Room

This short story was the answer to yet another 2019 challenge issued from the Star Wars Fic Whining Circle: to have Luke and Mara share a kiss at midnight for celebrating the upcoming New Year. There is no reason why the Galaxy Far, Far Away has New Year's traditions like we do so I had to come up with a twist to it. Everything is all Wes Janson’s fault. Honestly stop protesting, we all know it is your fault.

Since I was writing Unexpected Consequences at the time, this idea is an AU, branching off after Mara has given birth to Lucinda and is on the run from the Emperor but before the Battle of Hoth. The Rogue Squadron have ended up on this planet and in a Rebel friendly skin club/brothel. It is supposed to be a little R&R before heading back to base. Wes, remembering Luke’s fixation on red-haired women, gets some credits from everybody else and approaches the management about a session with a red-haired human for their commander.

Management agrees and goes backstage to make arrangements. Mara Jade is their only red-haired human on staff and she hasn’t gone on stage for her performance yet. She disagrees about trading duties because she only dances that was the employment agreement. Management doses her with pleaz-mo, an illegal aphrodisiac that will kill her if goes without kriffing and puts her in a room for the client. Mara manages to give him a black eye despite the drug kicking in.

So the Rogues do go up with Luke and a lot of good natured ribbing only to be confronted with Luke knows the sex worker and she’s drugged for this and not consenting to sex despite being very glad to see Luke. Wedge takes the lead with the management over drugging the lady. While Management is whining about his black eye and losing the credits, another dancer comes upstairs to tell the Rogues that a bounty hunter identified them. Dancer 1: “Dancer 2 has got him occupied with a lap dance but that only lasts so long.”

Luke decides it is time to leave and Mara is coming with them. Prostitute 1 says they have to take Mara’s things with her and dumps a go-bag and a sleepy red-haired human toddler in Wedge’s arms. She also explains that Mara has only ever been a dancer and they helped her out with the child sleeping here because Mara couldn’t find any overnight child care.

The Rogues plus Mara and Lucinda leave the skin club and something happens between that and getting to their ride, and they are scooped up by the crew of the Midnight Omen. Luke and Mara are taken together to the interrogation room, the rest of the Rogues are taken to the brig with Wedge continuing to hold the baby while they are locked up. I’m not sure what happens to draw the Imperial attention, but it is something Wes did.

Yes, this clusterkriff is your fault, Wes. Stop trying to make it better for yourself by pointing out “but the Commander found his girlfriend.”

After Mara frees Luke, they free the rest of Rogues and take over the ship. Once that happens, Luke takes Mara into the captain’s cabin to kriff the drug out of her system. That works and Mara falls asleep. Luke has time to reflect on what has happened, but the toddler looking for her mother interrupts that.

Wedge comms him in a low grade panic of the “how did we lose a kid?” variety, Luke is able to set him at ease and he brings food and the repulsorlift crib they made for the kid. They figure out what to do next, put the kid to sleep, and Luke heads back to bed next to Mara.

Mara wakes up and panics about where Lucinda is. She slips out of the bed and finds Luci in a repulsorlift homemade crib in the outer room. She doesn’t wake her daughter up, and Luke finds Mara watching Luci sleep. He catches Mara up on what happened and apologizes for saving her life without her consent. Mara forgives him for that and introduces him to his daughter.

And that’s all that I have for this because Wes hasn’t done anything else.

I managed to write down just justifiable homicide and kissing scene in two days, finishing the first draft on December 29, 2019. And promptly neglected to publish it anywhere until March 13, 2022 when I put it up here at the Library. I hope you enjoy it.

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