Author's Notes on
Star Wars:
Crude Matter

This story is also known as my muse having a "you want to write what now?" reaction. Early in 2019, the Star Wars Fic Whining Circle (aka the Slack group of fellow writers I whine to) issued a writing challenge with a pair of kinks picked at random. My random selections were gender switch and aphrodisac.

They offered to have me draw again but I didn't want to take a chance on getting a worse pair. So I went away to think about it. The muse gave me the plot line. Excellent, that was quick! Shared it with the Slack group and JediMordsith summed up the theme for me:

We live our lives on the boundary where luminous beings meet crude matter.
I cracked open the first draft on March 2, 2019....

And the narrative would not generate. Knock on the Muse's office door. "Don't want to be pushy but the story?"

"We finished that. Only one gender swap but you know Mara's not stupid enough to get changed by that plant."

"Yes, she's not. But that's not the problem."

"Worked in the aphrodisac, and everyone thought it wasn't possible." Muse buffs her nails on her shirt.

"Yes, we have a plot."

"Challenge finished."

"No, we have a plot. The challenge is for a story."

Muse glares at me. "I am finished with the challenge." Office door slammed in my face. Writing out actual dialouge and description was like pulling teeth from the Muse for the next forty-seven days. I had to go back to the tried and true fade to black for the sex scene because no words even tried to emerge for that. But I finally finished it on April 20, 2019 and posted it on Ao3 the next day. And then promptly fell into the other writing I was doing at the time and ignoring updating the Library until 2022.

Realizing I hadn't updated the Library since 2017 despite having it on the plans for the years in between, I changed up the writing plans for 2022. I took the list of writing projects and writing-adjacent projects, and assigned just one for each month of the year. March and July eneded up being the months to update the BookWorm's Library because of the backlog I had given myself here. The upload of "Crude Matter" finished March 13, 2022 and went live when I pushed out the whole update on March 31st. I hope you enjoy it.

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