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The characters Airofday, Longcoats, and Zero as used in this story come from the Tin Man miniseries.

The characters Tempestofnight and Breezeofdawn were created for my Tin Man fanfics. Please don't use them in your stories. But feel free to draw them and send me a copy.

This story contains cussing, graphic depictions of violence, drinking of alcoholic beverages, and sexual situations. If you're not mature enough to handle it, go read something else.

This story is a deleted scene in Part Three of the Tin Man miniseries. It was written for tm_challenge Round 7: One-Hit Wonder.

Tin Man: Don't Know What the Other Hands Are Doing

The dark-haired woman glanced scornfully at her younger companion in the shadows of the alley. The younger eyes were focused on the drama surrounding the log of prisoners and missed it.

"What you did was stick your six, greedy, little hands into something far bigger than a bounty. Get rid of her."

"What? No! Zero, don't do this! Give me my money. Zero!"

Tempestofnight crossed her arms as she focused on the instructions between the General and another Longcoat. "Never trust a Longcoat. Airofday should have known better,” she told her younger sister.

Breezeofdawn shrank back against the bricks as their older sister was dragged down the street by two Longcoats, still cursing the one named Zero. “They’re going to kill her. What are we going to do?”

“What we always do, save her gaudy backside.” Tempestofnight headed further into the alley, pausing to pick up a pair of cudgels they had left at the back entrance of their booth’s building. Breezeofdawn followed.

The Longcoats slammed Airofday against the dead end wall of an alley off the main street and stepped back as they pulled out their guns. “Any last words, bitch?”

Her chin went up. “I did what legions of Longcoats couldn’t manage. I captured three of the most wanted men in the whole Zone single handed.”

“Too bad you couldn’t march them to the Sorceress all by yourself.” The second Longcoat sniggering at his partner’s comments covered up the sisters’ footsteps down the alley.

Airofday smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know what my other hands are doing?”

Those words made the Longcoats look at her in confusion, since both her hands were planted on her hips. Tempestofnight and Breezeofdawn brought their cudgels down on the men’s heads. The Longcoats crumpled to the ground. Tempestofnight knelt next to the one she hit and searched his pockets. “Are you all right, Air?”

“I’m fine.” Airofday stepped over the men. “Unlike that fool Zero will be. Cheat me out of my money.”

Tempestofnight secreted the few platinums her Longcoat had possessed in her halter top before standing up with his gun. "What are you going to do to a Longcoat general surrounded by all his men and prisoners?”

Airofday gave her a withering glare as she snatched the gun from Breezeofdawn. “You don’t think I can kill him.”

“Every man can die. But I don’t want to dye my hair because you got yourself killed.” Tempestofnight lifted one of Airofday’s rough, blonde dreads off her sister’s shoulder and let it fall while she sniffed disdainfully.

“He cheated me! Those knotheads didn’t subdue those three, I did! The Seeker only wanted the girl.” Now it was Airofday’s turn for a disdainful sniff. “No accounting for taste. But Zero must pay for cheating me, Temp!”

“Use your brains, sister! Why get your hands dirty? Especially when his men will shoot you down in the street?”

They exchanged glares so hot, Breezeofdawn whimpered. Their baby sister never liked it when they fought. "All the Unwanteds know I didn't get paid. They'll never kill a Longcoat for free even if I believed they would succeed." Airofday tossed her head.

"But the Resistance could." Both her sisters stared at Tempestofnight. "They were ordered to report back to the Sorceress' Tower. All we have to do is tell the Resistance which way the Longcoats are taking their men."

Airofday looked startled, and then a cruel smile spread over her face. Breezeofdawn beamed as Tempestofnight smirked as well.

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