Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic

Chapter Forty-one

Cain and Jeb must have talked until it was supper time, and no one dared wake up the Princess. DG had enough time to wash her face, smooth her hair, and shove on her coat and shoes. At least dining with their Archipelago friends and Jeb's troop didn't make her anxious.

Jeb announced their marriage and offered his congratulations during the meal and the soldiers went nuts, ready to party. Must marry a prince to satisfy the people, yeah right.

They said goodbyes on the grass leading down to the piers. Kaliko had caught onto handshaking. "Take care of yourselves on your journey back."

Spencer hugged both Cain and DG. "Come visit Pingaree as soon as you can."

Dani opened her beak in front of the O.Z. soldiers. "Don't forget the strength you've found. And prove your mother hen wrong, pullet."

Jenkins shook their hands. "You two landlubbers didn't do too badly. Not too bad at all. And I don't have to play midwife again," he muttered.

Betsy shook Cain's hand, but hugged DG. "I wouldn't have them back if not for you." She blinked her brown eyes rapidly. "If you ever need a favor, count on me. We Slippers have to stick together."

Malachite ended the line carrying Treasure on his hip. He shook hands with his free one. "Remember, play dodge ball. Now head for the horizon."

"See you down the road," Cain answered. He wrapped an arm around DG's shoulders and waited until the group was far enough down the dock not to hear. "Dodge ball?"

"Political metaphor. I'll explain later." They watched the You and What Navy? sail out of the harbor, hearing the crew's song on the wind.

Cain pulled DG against his side. "Your sister sent Jeb to rescue us. Do you want to wait somewhere else for her to come to you?"

She took a deep breath. "We have to go back to the Palace for the treaty. But the second it turns nasty, we're out of there."

"You think it's going to be that bad?"

"You're the one who told me to put the marriage certificate on a stick." She smirked at him. "Go work out the travel schedule with Jeb and I'll be in our tent." Cain matched her smirk with darkening blue eyes as he released her.

She knew what that look in his eyes meant. But despite how much fun he got out of removing her clothes himself, she had spent far too long in them today. She crawled naked under the sheets to wait for him.

DG didn't realize she had closed her eyes until warm, chapped lips pressed against hers. "Are you in the mood, my darling girl?" Cain's husky voice whispered close to her ear. "Or do you need more sleep?"

"Not too tired for you." She stretched under the sheet as she felt Cain shift away.

He chuckled. "I'd believe you better if you actually opened your eyes."

She did. He had stripped out of his frock coat and vest, and a familiar battered brown fedora perched on his head. "Your hat!" She sat up and laughed. "How in the world did Jeb find your hat?"

"You didn't think those slavers who caught us were efficient criminals?" His scarred eyebrow rose.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I haven't wasted any thoughts on them since they sold us." She rubbed his nose with hers. "But I have missed your hat."

"You have?" Cain kissed her, sending a shock wave through her body. "I'll let Jeb tell the story but he recovered your stuff too." He swept her into his lap and kept one arm around her, cradling her to his chest. His free fingers traced designs on her breasts. DG arched into the touch. "No, I don't guess you're too tired," his voice rumbled.

"Never for you." She gasped as his thumb rubbed over her hardening nipple.

"I'll be sure to remind you that you said that after the baby has kept you up all night." His mouth fell on her neck. Her hands rubbed his chest through his white shirt until she pounced on the buttons. His groan vibrated against her skin.

One of her hands slipped into his shirt and toyed with his chest hair while the other clutched his shoulder. She used a smidgen of her power to fly his hat to the top of their boxes. Cain's head jerked up to look suspiciously at her. "Don't want it ruined after you just got it back, right?"

"Don't pass out again."

"Not until after you scream." She wiggled, and felt his erection straining against the material. He groaned into her hair, and pushed her back onto the bed. She knelt on it while he blew out the lantern. "Aw, that's not fair."

"You are going to be the death of me, aren't you?" His shirt hit the chair.

"But what a way to go?" DG scooted back as Cain's pants hit the ground.

"That's one way to look at it," he growled as he crawled onto the bed. She pushed him so he knelt and nestled her body against his as they kissed. His strong hands slid down her back while their tongues danced. His arousal pressed long and hard against her stomach. "You're worse than Vapors, sweetheart," he gasped out before latching onto her neck.

Heat pooled between her thighs and she ran her fingernails over his scalp. "You're pretty irresistible yourself, Wyatt." Her teeth nipped his ear. His stubble against her neck heated her up even more. "I love you."

His hands moved down her thighs and separated her legs more as he pulled her higher. She moved her hands to his shoulders. He looked into her eyes as he angled her body to enter her. "Want me to show you how much I love you?"

The tip rubbed against her clit, soliciting a moan from her. "Please, want you, only you." His fingers tightened on her legs. She dragged one of her hands down his chest and stomach to wrap around his penis. He groaned as she stroked. "So ready for you." She guided him inside her.

His arms moved up and hugged her tighter while they knelt joined together. "My darling girl, gods, I'm so lucky to have you. That you even wanted me."

She wrapped her arms around his broad back before nuzzling her husband's neck. "And here I thought I was the lucky one." She clutched him as she moved, moaning with the friction. They were so close together, his abdomen kept a pleasing pressure on her clit.

"My impulsive and headstrong princess." Cain brushed the spot on the small of her back that arched her body. She loved the way his chest slid against her breasts.

"I prefer independent and deliberate," she gasped out.

"Like I said, impulsive and headstrong." He seized her hips, slowing her movements, letting the pressure build inside her. Her head dropped back as it burst with a scream and sent waves of pleasure through her. He cradled her body against his while she recovered. His lips brushed against her cheek. "I love hearing you scream my name." DG kissed him on the lips. "Straighten your legs," he said.

"You got the Kama Sutra in there along with all your Tin Man skills?" She rubbed her nose across his forehead as she unbent her legs one at a time. "It's an Other Side book of sexual positions." Her breathing hitched as the sensation inside her shifted.

"Did your nurture units watch you at all?" He smirked before kissing her again.

"I never owned a copy."

His hands rubbed her back. "I'm laying you down. Tell me if you're uncomfortable." He eased her down so her shoulders and back rested against the mattress. His thighs propped up her ass and hips. He caressed her ribs and stomach as he straightened, still inside her. This position had her spread open to his gaze. And boy was he staring. "You are so beautiful." His hands stroked her thighs, sending tingles through her skin. He pulled out and thrust in with a swivel of his hips.

It jolted a moan from her. The look of lust on Cain's face made the next moan louder as he rocked deeper. She didn't know what to do with her hands, so she cupped her breasts. Cain groaned as he rocked. Between her squeezing hands and his thrusts, she fell over the brink again. Her muscles clenched around him while she cried out and Cain released, shouting her name.

He collapsed on his side next to her. It took a few minutes of heavy breathing before he rolled them to spoon together orientated correctly on the bed.

DG found the sheets and covered them before settling against Cain's chest. "Wyatt?" He grunted. "You did tell that Corporal to stop guarding the tent, right?"

He chuckled. "I did but if he didn't follow orders, he certainly got an earful." He chuckled harder into her hair, "Actually, the whole camp probably got an earful."

The heat on her face had nothing to do with what they had just finished. "Oh my god, everyone's going to talk about us!"

"They're already talking about us. Go to sleep."

"I don't want them sniggering at me! I got my fill of that in court."

Cain propped up on his elbow to look at her. "Sweetheart, you're just married, their favorite princess, and a Savior of the O.Z. Whatever they say won't be to your face and it won't be derogatory."

"You're positive?"

"Yes." He kissed her cheek before settling back. "And if they don't think of it, Carroll and the others from Scrowtown Base will remind them how grumpy I can get."

She stared at the tent wall. "You didn't shoot anyone, did you?"

"Carroll's still breathing, ain't he?" He snorted. "I growled, and handed out clean up duty a lot."

DG sighed. "I could have put up the soundproofing spell."

"We'll promise to use your spell for the rest of the trip."

"And Jeb's not going to say anything?"

"Not unless he wants a spanking to make up for all the ones he missed for eight annuals."

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