Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic

Chapter Sixteen

DG continued screaming as she clawed at Prince Aedan's face. Damn bastard wasn't getting anything from her! Her hands were free but something cloth-like wrapped around her body. His face dissipated like smoke as she wrenched her body upright.

Shutters sprang open and light hurt her eyes. A warm, callused hand gripped her shoulder. "Thea! It's okay." She jerked to the husky voice she thought she'd never hear again. Cain ran his hand down her arm. "It's okay."

DG couldn't say anything that sounded like a word, so she launched herself at him with a happy cry. He staggered back as his brawny chest caught her and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He wasn't even wet, except where her tears were falling. His arms circled and held her up. Good thing, because her bare legs were still caught on the bed and unable to.

"I tell Captain she's fine. Good-night," Sprite said before the outer door to their quarters opened and closed.

DG sobbed as she sagged against Cain.

"Not quite the way I thought you'd wake up." He stopped chuckling when she didn't let go or stop sobbing. He stroked her hair. "My darling girl, what's wrong? You're scaring me."

She had to explain this breakdown. "I saw you drown." She ignored his protests meant to soothe. "And I hadn't told you. And then they were attacking me. No magic left and I hadn't told you."

Cain moved her legs so she sat on their bed, and then pried her loose so he could look at her face. "Breathe, sweetheart, breathe. It was just a bad dream." He cupped her face with both hands, wiping her tears with his thumbs. "You got me to the rope and, according to Sprite, it used up your magic and you passed out. My boots didn't even get wet."

DG took a deep breath. Of course, it was a nightmare. Hodges couldn't turn into Prince Aedan or vice versa; neither one of them had magic. "I'm sorry. It was bad."

"No doubt with the way you screamed." The concern on his face eased. "You weren't kidding when you said how fast your magic drains. Is lighting up like a lamp sign part of it?" She must have looked confused, because he continued. "Signs on the buildings in Central City?"

DG shrugged. "Tutor hated that side effect but never told me why or what caused it. And you're a lot heavier than my doll."

His look of relief was so pronounced, she sent her own silent question. "I worried it was 'cause of the baby," he said. "Never saw you glow before."

"Hopefully, you won't have to see it again." She wiped her face before wrapping her arms around him again. His grunt ended with a hiss when her hands hit his back. She nearly fell back letting go. "What did I do?"

"My back's bruised up, sweetheart. You just hit it."

"Why didn't you get Sprite to heal you?" She shook her head and reached for the hem of his shirt. "Let me see."

Cain looked at her exasperatedly before stripping off the black shirt. "I'm not in the habit of running to a child for every scrape." He turned to drop the shirt on their pile of clothes next to the bed.

DG gasped at the almost black marks. "It looks like someone slammed their feet into your back!"

"That's because someone swung on a rope and slammed his feet into my back. You didn't see who it was?"

"I was focused on you. Didn't anybody else see what happened?"

Cain's face twisted with frustration. "Roberts was driving the ship and Teach was keeping watch on the mast. So of course they didn't see Hodges attack. And he swears he had gone to the head. I didn't see him and now you didn't." He sat on the edge and leaned against the post marking the headboard. His sigh released his frustration. "We'll have to be more careful." He cupped her face, running his thumb over her cheekbone. "Do you need to talk about your nightmare?"

She pressed her face against his hand. "The worst part was seeing you disappear under the water." The tears and fear welled up. She swallowed them down best she could. "And I realized I never told you, and if you were dead, I could never tell you."

"Tell me what?"

Of course, he would ask that. She twisted her fingers together. She had never wanted to run so badly before, to get away first before he threw her away. But he deserved an explanation. Looking up at his open face, she blurted out, "I love you." She trembled. "I should've told you before we…." Her words faltered and she resorted to gesturing to each of them.

Cain pulled her to his chest. She relaxed against him. "I had no doubts, DG." He ran his hands over her back and arms. "Your actions speak louder than your words." He pressed his lips against the top of her head.

She relaxed more. "I don't know why I was so afraid to tell you." Her laugh was shaky. "Afraid you'd run away."

"I'm not leaving you. That's not what love means to me." He tilted her chin to see her face. "Do you know why I was a good Tin Man?" She shook her head, mesmerized by his darkening blue eyes. "Because no one I went after ever got away from me. So don't bother thinking you'll be the first." He kissed her hard.

She ran her hand over his chest as their kiss deepened. Cain growled as her fingers stroked over his nipple. He laid her out on the mattress. Her shirt rolled up as she moved. He leaned over her, bracing his weight off of her so his right hand could stroke her face. She pressed her lips to his throat, below the silver collar. His hand rubbed her exposed ribs.

Her teeth scraped his collarbone and Cain shuddered above her. He shifted to kiss her on the lips. He eased down her body, tugging her panties off her legs before taking hold of her shirt. His fingers traced over her skin as he pushed the shirt up. She lifted her head and arms to get it off. Cain tossed her clothes aside before kissing her lips again.

He stretched her bare arms above her head, and laced their fingers together. She stiffened underneath him. He pulled up. "What's wrong?"

"Not like this," she whispered. "My nightmare." Her throat felt tight. Cain rolled off without hesitation. She pulled her arms to make an X across her chest and concentrated on her breathing. All this should be good practice for Lamaze.

She rolled and saw Cain's fear-filled face. "Hey," she cupped his cheek, "it's okay."

The fear hardened. "Hardly, if being with me reminds you of a nightmare."

"The position, not the person, Wyatt. Huge difference." She sat up. He still looked angry and unsure. "Can I call the shots tonight?"

"I don't know what that means." He sighed, "But I'll follow your lead, sweetheart."

"That's what it means. Now off with your pants and on your tummy."

Cain followed her directions, shaking his head. "I don't know what you think you can do to me like this."

"I have a few ideas." She squeezed his ass cheeks. "I've wanted to do that since the first time you bent over in front of me."

He laughed as she continued to knead his muscles. "Then I think I admire your self-restraint."

"Yeah, nobody ever gives me any credit for having any." She knelt between his spread legs and continued to rub. Cain dropped his head to the mattress. She bent over his ass and kissed the small of his back. His head twisted to see her over his shoulder. "No like?" she asked his wide eyes.

"I like, but…."

She soothed the muscles over his hip bones. "I see your bruises, Wyatt. I'll be careful." She held herself over him on her hands and knees, and licked his spine under the bruises. Cain moaned as she pressed her breasts against him. "I think you liked that." She moved up and nipped his shoulder.

He growled and lifted his hips. DG rubbed his shoulders and neck before nipping his other shoulder. "You having your wicked way with me is different."

"Do you want me to stop?" DG sat back, skimming his sides. She circled his butt cheeks and hips before pulling his hips higher into the air so she could press her breasts against his ass and wrap her arms around him. Her hands found his erection.

He moaned as she stroked. "By the gods, different is good. Don't stop!"

She nuzzled the small of his back. "I'll have to unless you want a hand-job."

"Won't leave you very satisfied." He breathed hard, almost panting.

"I'm not too worried about that. I remember your fingers alone making me feel incredible last night. Do you want to play with our hands?" Cain seemed reluctant to tell her what he wanted. DG had never had that happen before, and Cain's normal disposition was bossy. Maybe he didn't like her being this forward. She pulled from him. "I want to make you feel good, Wyatt. Tell me what you want."

His breathing shook his whole body. He moved onto his elbows and turned his head to look at her. "I want you to feel safe with me."

"I do feel safe with you," she huffed. "Are you that hung up about being on top? Because I know there are more positions than just that even if I never did follow the Kama Sutra step by step."

"You want to lead so you'll feel safe."

"I want to make you feel good. Hard to do when you won't give me a hint."

"I'd like to watch you without straining my neck." She watched Cain's face redden. "But I'd rather feel your mouth."

She inhaled sharply, feeling tingly as she moved out of his way. "Don't keep me waiting." Cain rolled over and leaned his back against their headboard wall. DG crawled up his legs with a grin that he returned. "I should warn you." She stroked his legs as she settled into place. He only cocked his scarred eyebrow. She ran her tongue up his shaft. "All my exes said I gave good head." Before he could question her terminology, she swirled her tongue around his tip.

The moans and pleasured groans she pulled out of him tightened her pussy. Cain was letting go for her, and she gave her Tin Man lollipop a little nibble before bobbing her mouth on it completely. His hands stroked and cradled her head, taking care not to force her speed or direct her movements. He came with a shout, and she swallowed the salty cum before looking up at him.

His arms pulled her, but without the strength she had felt before. She followed their coaxing and he hugged her before dropping his mouth on hers. That was a first, but she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Cain cradled her after his heated kiss. She curled his chest hair around her finger until he laid his hand on top of hers, pressing both flat against his skin. "I don't much care for how they treated you." She smiled at Cain being jealous of those losers. "But I'm glad them boys ain't liars."

DG giggled, and Cain grinned. He set her left leg over his. Her giggling ended with an inhale of anticipation. His fingertips traced a pattern on her inner thigh. His lips grazed her temple and cheek. "Now that I have your attention," he said as he brushed higher up her thigh, "I love you." The hand around her waist shifted to knead her breast. Her head fell back on his shoulder. "You said it once today." The hand on her leg stroked the crease of her leg. "Can we try for twice?"

She jerked her hips to meet his hand. "That's not nice," she panted.

"You'll like admitting it." He rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb. Her eyes fluttered as she mewled with the inner jolt. "It feels good to say it." He combed his fingers through her dark curls, avoiding her clit.

Her body trembled. "Yes, I love you, you big tease!" Two fingers plunged inside her while his thumb pressed down on her clit. She arched with a cry.

"I told you'd like it." Cain kissed her behind the ear, and stroked inside her. "My DG, my beautiful wife." She was too caught up in the pleasure to remember she was uncomfortable with being called that.

Stars exploded behind her eyes. "Oh God, Wyatt!" By the time she had recovered, Cain had moved her to his lap.

He brushed her hair while she tilted her head to look up. "I love that look on your face."

"What? Spent?" she laughed.

"Content." He kissed her, catching her bottom lip and teasing it. "We have to get more sleep tonight."

"I know."

He set her on her side before spooning up behind her and smoothing the covers over them both. "Why did you pick that song?" His breath tickled her ear. "Was it 'cause you know all the words or," he swallowed hard, "do you believe that's true?"

"I spent a year without you and it was hell. So I guess I do believe it's true, even though I want a lot longer with you." She felt him relax. "And Wyatt?" She pulled his arm over her stomach. "I am content with you."

He squeezed her in response.

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