Tin Man: Not His Kink

Part Three

DG pressed her cheek against Cain's chest. She wanted to cry, but couldn't risk cutting off her air. He had stopped fighting after Lackey 1 finished raping him and Lackey 2 started. She avoided looking at Zero watching his men continue what he started. She willed more strength to the strongest man she had ever met. Finally they were done and talking across the room. Cain's heart pounded above her ear. She had to care for him after how she had helped hurt him. She moved to his legs.

Cain shifted but didn't say anything. DG eased from under him, contorting so not to pull on him with her tied arms. It worked and she stood behind Cain's rigid legs. She ignored the smell as she leaned against him. He must hate this now! Her hands found his penis. Cain stopped breathing. She released the cock ring, dropping it on the floor. Cain needed to come before he was damaged. She concentrated so hard on maneuvering her tied hands around Cain for a hand-job, she missed Zero walking up until he grabbed her arm.

"You're interested in only one thing, aren't you, Gutterdoxy?" Zero untied her hands and shoved her to the lackeys.

They strapped her down to the table as closest to spread-eagle as the narrow width allowed. DG fought, trying to keep Cain in sight. She didn't need to strain; Lackeys 3 and 4 unlocked the stocks and dragged Cain to the table.

Zero fondled her breast. "This is the only way you'll ever have Cain and I expect you to be grateful."

Grateful? Did he want her to submit willingly for raping Cain? She had a sick feeling that was what he wanted with Cain forced to watch.

They bent Cain over the end of the table so his face hovered over her pussy. "The little Gutterdoxy has been very nice to you, Cain." Zero leaned closer to Cain's ear. "You should thank her."

Cain's hot breath though his clenched teeth made DG quiver when it hit her flesh. She was as depraved as Zero and the one who tore up her back. She stared at the ceiling so not to see Zero smirking at her lust.

"Well, if you don't want to be nice to her, the boys and I will start our turns." Zero squeezed her thigh. The lackeys added their encouragements. Zero laughed. "Going to keep rescuing the damsel, Cain?"

A tongue rasped over the folds between her legs. DG's eyes slammed shut. It probed deeper and she tilted her hips as much as she could. She was an addict to want this. Cain latched onto her clit. His teeth grazed it and set off her orgasm.

Her body was still throbbing when she realized Cain was resisting the lackeys again. They pushed him onto the table. Zero pulled Cain's still erect penis. "You have to beg for it. Beg for the fuck."

Cain's chest heaved. "Please let me fuck the gutterdoxy. Please."

"Get him in her before he makes a mess."

Cain didn't fight as the lackeys locked his limbs down so he laid over her. "Sorry," he breathed into her ear.

Zero guided Cain's erection into her and pressed down on her clit with a smirk. She clenched around Cain and he thrust into her hard.

The position and Cain's weight brought her to orgasm again. His cry as he released almost had tears in it. If Cain was running this dungeon, she could enjoy the pleasure he had given and taken from her without dread. She opened her eyes.

Zero leered down, locking eyes with her before speaking to Cain. "You haven't paid the Gutterdoxy any compliments. Tell us how she felt."

Cain hid his face against her neck. Zero hit him, causing his half-hooded head to rear up. "She was good, tight."

"How did it feel to fuck her, Cain?"

"Just what I needed." Cain clenched his jaw. DG glared at Zero. The bastard should leave the reserved man alone.

Zero fingered the fastenings of Cain's hood and her glare sharpened. "You needed to fuck the princess of the realm?" He yanked off Cain's hood.

Cain's crystal blue eyes blinked before widening. "DG?" He rolled but the restraints kept him above her.

She shook her head while Zero and his lackeys laughed. She had never seen Cain's face so pale. He couldn't blame himself! She wrapped her hand around three of his fingers.

He didn't react to her squeeze. "DG, I wouldn't," he whispered.

Tears gathered in her eyes. There had to be some way to tell him he had consent. She lifted her hips to rub against him.

Zero saw her. "Guess Gutterdoxy isn't satisfied." They unfastened her from the table, but Zero pulled her from under Cain.

The pale man's face twisted. "Let her go, Zero!"

Zero tugged on the belt around her neck and DG fell. She grabbed him to not fall to the floor. "I'll show you how to make a gutterdoxy scream."

"Stop calling her that!"

"Don't you recognize whip marks, Cain?" Zero twisted them so Cain saw her back. "You worked long enough in the Sin District to know." He unbuckled the ball gag and threw it to Lackey 3. "Make sure Cain has an unobstructed view."

The lackeys gagged Cain and untied him from the table. Zero stroked her skin like he owned her. But she waited until the other men held onto Cain before slamming her knee into Zero's groin. "You bastard!"

He stumbled back, bending to protect himself. DG clasped her hands and swung both into his face. "You pathetic excuse for a dom!" She grabbed the paddle off the floor and hit his chin. Blood spurted. "Being the Sorceress' little bitch didn't teach you shit about the topping!"

One lackey grabbed her in a chest hold and picked her off the floor. She drove her heel into his knee. Freeing her fury had tapped her power. The chains and ropes swung unaided.

Zero straightened with a bloody mouth. "String the bitch up!"

Lackey 2 made sure he was under a pair of manacles before he shifted his hold. DG kicked as she dangled with her feet off the floor. Zero snatched the whip off the chair. "I'm finishing the job somebody started on your back!"

"You don't have the balls!"

The whip slashed across her torso, finally crossing her pleasure threshold to pain. A breeze shoved the chains and ropes as it circled the room.

Cain broke free of the other lackeys with a bellow the ball gag couldn't stop. He shoved Zero aside to reach her, pulling on the manacles.

Zero cracked the whip again. Cain hugged her. DG saw his blue eyes go wide with the pain.

Lightening surged up her arms. The manacles vaporized as the wind swirling around the room darkened. She clutched Cain and focused on safe.

Lackey 3 reached through the winds for them but was tossed against a stone wall for his trouble.

The travel storm dropped them in sunlight and a yard needing a lawn mower. Her head pounded with the energy she had spent and she sagged against Cain. He didn't lose his footing, and he kept one arm wrapped around her while the other reached for the ball gag's buckle. DG reached around his head. Her fingers hadn't lost their nimble talent with buckles. She dropped the ball gag on the ground.

"Can you stand?" He asked while looking at the horizon.

"Think so." They untwined and her feet crushed the grass blades. Cain stepped back so they no longer touched, and shifted to his bodyguard mood before he whirled around. Her magic crackled in response to Cain and then she saw Zero aiming a gun at them. She threw a blast.

But Cain fell back before Zero's gun melted. "Wyatt!" A towel appeared in her hand. She ignored her dizziness from using too much magic and pressed it on his wound. "Stay with me, Wyatt, please!"

"You stupid cunt!" Zero jerked her away from Cain and wrapped his hand around her throat. The collar didn't let him squeeze hard and his other hand was covered in melted gun. "You stupid whoring bitch!" His grey eyes bulged until another gun shot echoed off the white farmhouse.

She didn't see any danger as she pried Zero's hand off her throat and kicked him away. She wrapped the towel around Cain's side to cover the exit wound. Cain's eyes fluttered and she put her face in his line of vision. "Stay with me, Wyatt! Please don't make me take your life too!"

"DG? What the hell?" Elmer Gulch still had his gun out as he stared at her and Cain.

"Help me! He's been shot."

"Where are your clothes?"

She called on her magic and the flare of pain told her it was gone until she slept and ate. A baggy T-shirt and yoga pants materialized on her and a pair of jogging pants on Cain.

"Getting the car." Gulch took off. She unbuckled the makeshift collar on her neck and threw it on Zero's body.

Everything beyond Cain's pale face was a blur that she couldn't remember even if it was played back on a movie screen with subtitles. Hospital workers whisked Cain away and she had to let him go. She didn't know how to give someone second life. Plus Cain would kill her for trying.

Time didn't start again until Gulch tried to drown her with a can of Coke. DG spluttered. "What the hell?"

The brown-haired man yanked paper towels out of the examination room's dispenser. "I had to get something in you or else they would start treating you." He passed her the paper towels, but his worried frown didn't ease. "Your answers weren't making sense."

"I used a lot of magic and I haven't eaten since Zero kidnapped me." She guzzled the rest of the soft drink. "Is Cain out of surgery yet?"

"Not yet."

"I have to be there when he wakes up. He doesn't know hospitals and a freaking-out Cain is bad. But he doesn't need a straight jacket. He'll be fine as long as I'm there. Who should I explain to?"

Gulch gently seized her jaw and locked eyes with her. "Is this Cain your dom or was it the guy I shot?"

"I don't have a dom. Cain is my friend." Was before you took without his consent. "Still my friend, I hope. But he will tear the hospital apart to find me, recovering from surgery or not."

"And the guy I killed?"

"A war criminal in the Outer Zone. I can give you a medal if you want one."

He let go of her chin. "There's another T-shirt. Get cleaned up while I tell the nurse you need to be with your friend. Then we're going to the cafeteria and you are telling me what the hell has happened since you disappeared." He didn't give her a chance to agree or disagree, and shut the door behind him.

It didn't matter. She had learned a long time ago, it did no good to tell Elmer Gulch no.

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