Tin Man/Medical Investigation: Alchemy

Part Twenty-Eight
Prompt: Rodent

Miles held his breath as he loaded the Petri dish under the microscope. He hoped, prayed even that he was right. He didn't want to see Azkadellia's brown eyes tear up with one more death, which they always did, no matter how horrible the patients treated her. He didn't even look up from the microscope when the door opened behind him. His coworkers would ask him soon enough what he was doing.

So the blinding pain to the back of his head was totally unexpected.

He picked himself up from the floor. The front of his head was throbbing in sync with the back of his head. He blinked and focused on the blood on the floor. Oh damn, the sample!

Lurching to his feet, he found the microscope and sample were just fine but there was a blood smear on the edge of the table. He touched the front throb gingerly and blood transferred to his gloved fingers. Then he recognized the sound of empty test tubes tapping each other. The young man searching through the supplies set up on a table Miles didn't recognize. "Hey!"

Dark-haired man whirled around. "Where are they? What have you done with them you Slipper!"

Frank's voice quoting an important safety tip burbled to the forefront of Miles' consciousness. Don't debate with mobile crazy. Save it for after they've been strapped down. "SECURITY!" Miles bellowed.

The wild expression on this intruder's face broke into an angry snarl. He threw himself at Miles. "Do you have any idea how hard I worked to get them? And for what? So that temperamental Tin Man gets the glory of her bed!" He grabbed Miles by the lab coat's lapels.

Miles shoved back to get him away from the microscopes. They spun away from the tables and hit the wall next to the door. "The Burzee Suffocation?"

The man yelled in rage, which Miles took as a yes, and heaved Miles toward the tables again. Miles managed to stop the spin that way and heaved them against the door. The door gave way and spilled them both onto the corridor floor.

"Halt in the name of the Queen!" A soldier yelled at them.

Miles would have gladly threw up his hands in surrender only they were busy trying to keep the angry one's hands off his throat as the two men rolled across the floor. Doors opened and he felt the pounding feet join them in the corridor. One of the hands reached Miles' throat, so he batted out with a free hand and smacked his opponent's ear.

Something grabbed Miles and pulled him back, sliding him along the floor. He didn't mind laying there pinned by something invisible since his opponent landed against the wall and couldn't move either. Miles looked down the hall toward the library and main staircase. DG had one hand pointed at him and her other pointed at the guy on the wall. Not-Connor stood mostly in front of her with his gun out.

A large hand grabbed his chin and repositioned his head. Connor knelt over him. "This isn't what I meant when I told you to go rest, McCabe."

"It wasn't my idea." He held still while Connor checked his pupils.

"What is going on here?" DG demanded as she lowered her hands.

Miles sat up with Connor's help as the force holding him down vanished. "He wanted the virus vials." His finger pointed straight at the young man sliding down the wall to the floor.

"I was asking after them." The young man was doing a much better job of hiding his crazy face now. "You fell and hit your head and then attacked me."

"You lying rat!" Miles shouted, and then grabbed his head. Adrenaline was wearing off and leaving behind the headache from hell.

"We aren't playing this he said game." DG snapped her fingers and pointed to a wide-eyed page. "Master Raw retired to his rooms; go get him now."

The little boy scampered off and crazy man bolted for the outer door. The soldiers finally did something useful and grabbed him.

"If Raw is a lie detector too, let the record show I got no issues with him detecting on me."

"How hard did he hit you?" Connor muttered as he set Miles on his feet again.

"You want to change your story, Lord Vandervort?" DG stepped around Cain with her hands on her hips.

His green eyes stared at her before he exploded. "After everything I did for you, and you chose him! Those old fools would never let you be Queen. Your mother was arguing to let Azkadellia back in the succession. I gave you the throne!"

DG's hands had dropped from her hips and curled into fists as Lord Vandervort ranted. Miles thought she was keeping herself from crying until a dark blue light pulsed around her frame and he felt the hairs on his arm prick. "Get this murdering bastard out of my sight before I make some Queen of Hearts declaration that violates everything we stand for."

The soldiers really moved then, hustling the screaming man into the rear of the manor.

"Come on, Miles, let's get you patched up." Connor pulled him into the lab.

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