Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ronin

Four Months Later

"What's wrong Clin-san? Allie doesn't bite." Mike leaned next to the rooftop door.

"Why could we not conduct this in a less dramatic manner?"

"You're the one who couldn't wait for her to come down to the Lair. It took her almost three months to come back to New York, I'm not going to argue with her if she doesn't want to patrol with us."

"Is that why you wait for her here every night?" Clin-san shifted the cylindrical, cloth-wrapped object in his hands.

"We can make sure we're both alive for another night. Besides, Allie says it's bad for her reputation for people to know she's working directly with us."

"And it is." Mike looked up. The Ronin was lying on top of the roof of the stairwell.

"Get down here." The Ronin stood and flipped off. She pulled her hood off once she landed and kissed Mike passionately. He pulled away, "Clin-san wants to talk to you."

Allie turned. "Clin-san, how are you? When did you get in?"

"I am fine, Allison. I arrived in New York earlier this week. I am most impressed with your exploits."

"If you don't mind, Clin-san. I'm trying hard to be remembered as someone who helped the city, not someone who killed the Shredder."

"Even if they are one and the same?"

"Doesn't matter."

Clin-san smiled. "Now I am sure you deserve this." He handed his package to her.

Allie took it and looked at Mike, who shrugged. She unwrapped it in puzzlement. "It's a katana! And old katana!"

"Centuries old. Legend tells that it was created by Hamato Misao, a master swordsmith. Legend also says that it finds a worthy master from the Hamato clan every generation. It has found you."

"I'm . . . I'm honored, Clin-san. But I've done nothing truly great."

"What you have done and your character makes you more than worthy. I am only sorry that it will be leaving the Hamato Clan."

"It's not leaving. Maybe one of Zack's children will get it. And my children will be Hamatos." She grinned impishly at Mike.

"Let's not go there, Allie," he protested weakly. "I'm not ready to think about that."

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