Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bloodlines

Chapter Fourteen

"Charles, you are going to go ballistic!" April exploded through his office door. A very white Pennington and a very contemptuous Shredder turned to face her. "On second thought, it's not that important."

The Shredder gestured to the two ninjas standing guard by the door. They grabbed hold of April and shoved her into a chair. "You are April O'Neil. You report stories about these Turtle creatures. You are their friend. How many more friends do they have?"

"Human? Just me I'm afraid. Mutants aren't real popular in this city."

The Shredder slapped her. "You lie! Humans helped them attack my Technodrome fortress! They did that to save a human and one of their own; would they do the same for you?" April stared at him, too mad to answer. "We shall find out."

"This ain't good," Dan muttered. "This really ain't good. They got April and we ain't got any way to tell the Turtles!"

"Yes we do!" Keno slapped Dan on the forehead. "Come on." They quickly eased into an office. Keno pulled out his Turtle Comm that Donnie had given him earlier, but before he could contact anyone, five ninjas burst into the room. Keno laughed, embarrassed, as he grabbed the phone receiver. "Just reaching out and touching someone." A ninja lunged forward. Keno threw him the phone. Another one wrapped his arms around the would-be ninja but the boy shook him off.

Dan tried to sneak around the group but one ninja grabbed him. The other two grabbed hold of Keno, yanking off their hoods. "These are not Foot Clan ninjas," one hissed.

"Sorry," Dan laughed, "we thought it was open membership."

"Take them down with the rest of the hostages."

"Man! Mikey really needs to cut back on those pizzas!" Raph grunted as he and Leo laid their brother on a bed.

Splinter ran a hand over Mikey's head. "Zackery is resting. What happened to him?"

"All Allie will say is that the Shredder did it to him. The how she won't answer," Leo folded his arms.

Allie stepped inside the doorway. Splinter signaled Leo and Raph, and they quietly left the girl and rat alone. She moved next to the bed. "Will he be all right?"

"To soon to tell. You must be Allison, Zackery's sister."

"Where is he?"

"Resting. It has been a long day for all of us."

Allie looked up from Mike's face. "You must be Splinter. Mike forgot to mention that you're a rat."

"Michaelangelo forgets much--or acts like he forgets much. How was he injured?"

"It's all my fault," Allie replied bitterly. "I sent him after the Shredder. He really didn't care if he got away. I told him to go." She lost the bitterness and almost all trace of life. "Why did he listen?"

Splinter touched her arm compassionately. "Do not blame yourself, child. Some things are beyond blame."

Allie closed her eyes. "He was fighting my fight. Why did I let him?"

Leo poked his head into the room. "Master Splinter! Come quick!" Splinter and Allie followed him into the main room from the train car bedroom.

The Shredder was on the television set, smiling with his eyes--the only features of his face visible. "If New York does not meet my demands, I will level this building. For every hour after this, another building shall fall. I will have control of this city! And I have a special demand for these creatures that call themselves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." The camera swerved to show a gagged April held by two ninjas. "If you do not come and face me in an honorable fight, she will pay the price." The camera shut off.

"That low-down, dirty swine!" Raph kicked over a chair with a roar. He tossed over a table. "We have to rescue her!"

"Calm yourself, Raphael!" Splinter raised his voice. Raph clenched his teeth and tried to bring his temper under control. "What are the Shredder's demands to the city?"

"Basically, for everyone to clear out of City Hall and leave him the keys," Donnie answered. "I guess it safe to assume that this guy's nuts? I mean, would a sane person want to take control of New York?"

Splinter frowned, "Without Michaelangelo, how will you fight the Shredder's ninjas?"

Lotus stood to her feet. "I will help you fight. I have no love for the Shredder."

Clin-san stared at Allie. Her blue eyes showed the first sparks of animation. "I'm going too."

Leo shook his head. "The Shredder wants to kill you. It's stupid to walk right into his arms."

"I don't care!" Allie yelled almost as ferocious as Raph. "Do you really think my life matters to me anymore? It never has!"

"Your life is not your own," Clin-san told her. "You must not throw it away on a whim." Allie's eyes that faced him were full of anguish. He steeled himself against their pleading. Lotus and the other Turtles took this distraction and started climbing up the ladder. She bolted into the train car room where Mike laid.

Her breath came in short gasps. "You would understand." Allie kissed his beak. "Please explain it to Zack. He's too young to really comprehend me."

Splinter and Clin-san stared into the empty room. "She is gone!" The rat exclaimed softly.

"The bloodline of ninjas is strongest in her."

Zack yawned as he stumbled out of a bedroom. "What's all the noise about?"

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