Biker Mice From Mars: Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions

Chapter Two: Sparks

Sparks cocked his grey ear toward the door of the principal's office. The secretary seated at the desk on the other side of the room frowned at him. The eight-year-old resisted the urge to stick his tongue out at her. I'm in enough trouble already. Oh boy, am I in trouble. Roddie's gonna tear my tail out.

The older mouse's strident tones reverberated through the thin metal. "I can appreciate your position, Captain. But I don't think you can appreciate mine. That child is an out-of-control hellion, a danger to himself and the other students, and in need of rigorous discipline! And if you and your husband are unable to provide that discipline, maybe you should give his custody to parents who can!" The principal finished with a boom.

Sparks gulped as his stomach clenched. No, no, no! I lost Momma; I'm not losin' Roddie too!

Roddie matched the principal's volume, but she used her low I'm-not-gonna-show-you-how-angry-I-am tone. "I've been maintaining discipline on board this ship since I was thirteen years old. And no one else on board has any problems with that out-of-control hellion. So maybe the problem isn't with him!" Roddie yanked the door open, looked down at Sparks with smoldering eyes, and slammed the inner office door closed. "We're leaving."

The mouse child scampered out of the school's office in front of his guardian. He had never seen her so mad before. But then no one had called her an unfit parent before, either. They boarded a transport outside the school building. Sparks gulped again. The wheeled vehicle started taking them up Cydonia Street. Roddie stared out the back window and drummed her fingers on the armrest. Sparks pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. Cheese, she's mad. I promised I wouldn't fight no more. I didn't wanna hit that guy. But I did it for her. He squirmed in his seat, thinking about possible punishments. Roddie could be awfully creative with punishments.

The transport stopped in front of their apartment building near the elevator up to the bridge. The black mouse didn't say anything as they made their way into the two-bedroom apartment. Sparks swallowed hard and pushed his grey hair out of his red eyes. She finally sighed and looked down at him. "Well congratulations. Not only are you the firstborn of the Fury, you're also youngest expulsion we've had since we started the school."

That's not fair! It's not like she finished school. And she's doing just fine without it. "I wasn't learnin' anything. I get more done studyin' at home."

"There's more to school than just book-learning. It also teaches you how to get along with other people. Something you evidently need more practice at."

Sparks stared at the floor. I don't wanna learn how to get along with people who hate other people just cause they're different, he thought sullenly.

"You promised me you weren't going to start any more fights."

"I'm sorry. But he called you bad names!" His voice raised with indignation.

"And so you punched him?"

"I warned him first. He wouldn't stop. So then I punched him."

"And broke your promise to me." Roddie repeated quietly.

He hung his head again, letting his long grey bangs hide his eyes. "I'm sorry." His voice was small. You never break a promise. He knew that. It was something Momma and Roddie agreed was important. If you broke a promise, you were no better than a Plutarkian. He had never broken a promise to Roddie before. He hadn't meant to break his promise. He felt bad about it, real bad. But nobody was gonna say bad stuff about Roddie while he was around to stop 'em.

She sighed. "And I'm sorry that I have to punish you. But being sorry doesn't change anything. No party tonight."

He jerked his head up. Fearful eyes opened wide. "But Roddie! Colonel Exhaust will be there!" He kept his clenched fists at his sides. You need me there! He added silently.

"And so will I and so will Lance. And if that doesn't scare him off, my cousin and his bros will."

"Your cousin?" He remembered the stories Roddie had told him about the gang she hung with on Mars with Momma. Her cousin had been their leader. "I thought you said they died."

"I thought they had. But the Plutarkians lied about it. And you're changing the subject. No party. And since you don't have to attend school, you have to help run the ship. You're assigned to Maintenance starting tomorrow."

"Maintenance!" he yelped. "But Maintenance is borin'. Can't you assign me to Engineerin' or the Bridge?"

"This is punishment, Sparks. You're not supposed to like it! And Maintenance happens to be understaffed right now. It'll take me some time to find you a tutor, so I expect you to pull at least a part-time shift. We'll see what happens after you start home studies."

"Yes, ma'am." He said with resignation. When she had that tone of voice, it was no good arguing.

Roddie sighed. "I have to get back to work. Can you keep yourself out of trouble until my shift ends?"

"I'll behave."


Sparks sighed with relief after she left. Maintenance duty wasn't that bad. And she hadn't taken the computer or the TV away. And no more school! He danced badly but with much enthusiasm over the last. No more dealing with those brain-dead morons who were jealous of his intelligence and that the Captain of the Fury was his guardian. No more dealing with those rockheaded xenophobes who violently interpreted Exhaust's propaganda.

He stopped dancing. Roddie was still in danger. Lance would give up his own life to keep her safe, but his work took him off ship. Exhaust wasn't stupid; he would be sure to attack while she had the least number of allies. Which means I have to be prepared. No one expects the kid to do anything.

He ran a hand through his thick grey hair as he went to his bedroom. He knelt down beside his bed and pulled out a locked box. The key came out from under his T-shirt where it usually hung by a chain around his neck and stayed hidden. He opened the box and looked down inside it. The purple laser pistol and gun belt were still there and were still in working condition. He carefully locked the gun away and hid the box again. It might be needed tonight.

The young grey mouse sat on the edge of his bed and scratched his jaw. This cousin and other old friends of Roddie's. Will they be able to help? They probably don't know what's going on; Roddie never likes talkin about it. But would they be on our side? Better ask Momma.

Sparks jumped off the bed and opened the trunk next to his desk. He shifted though his dead mother's belongings; the ones Roddie had decided were too personal to recycle a few books, a few toys from his infancy, and her journals. She wrote an entry on just about every day of her life. And when he found he had a question about something, reading a few entries helped him make a decision. He pulled out the notebook that had been started on Mars and ended on board the Fury. He let the pages fall open to a random entry.

I know I swore I would never make the same mistake my mother did: to fall in love with a biker and be left behind when love becomes inconvenient. But biking's in my blood and I can't help it. But this biker is different. You just have to watch him with his niece and nephew to know that. I have fallen for him and I don't even know his name!
He hangs out with Throttle, Roddie, and a younger white mouse--a self-contained group that doesn't let anyone else in. But Roddie owes me for all those times I baby-sat her and let her watch the movies her parents wouldn't.
Success! Roddie's going to introduce us. She doesn't understand why but she's willing to do anything that could be potentially funny. Her exact words.

The handwritten page blurred. Sparks lifted his head and angrily blinked away the tears. "Momma." He remembered her gentle touch that caressed away his hurts. He hadn't read this journal before. Momma never told him about his father. But then he hadn't cared when he was three-years-old. Roddie was the one who told him his father was dead.

This entry was written in his mother's happy handwriting, complete with doodled hearts in the margins. Sparks really didn't want to know what happened next. He already knew how it ended. He skipped ahead a few months, pausing to read the entry on how the whole group of them--including Roddie and his mother--sneaked into Evil Eye Weevil's Stunt Show and didn't get busted. If they were that good almost nine years ago, how good are they now? Roddie said they joined the Freedom Fighters. He turned to another entry months away.

I gave him a choice--me or the biking. And I'm not surprised he chose biking. It's his first love, and neither me nor anyone else is going to separate him from Li'l Hoss. I just wished I had the guts to tell him that the reason I wanted him to slow down is because I want our baby to know its father.
There. I admitted it. Our baby. I'm having his baby and he doesn't love me anymore. That's not true, but it might as well be. I can't go back to him and he won't come back to me. And I can't face it alone.
Roddie came today. The others are joining the Freedom Fighters and she had planned to go too. Evidently, Throttle tattled about her plans. Her mother put her foot down, and her father got her a place on the Olympian Fury, the refugee ship the government is sending off. I've never seen her so upset, though I'm not sure who she's more furious with: her parents or Throttle for agreeing with them.
Once she calmed down, she explained her idea. She wants me to go on the Fury with her. Her reasoning is a little obscure--"absence makes the heart grow fonder"? I still don't know where she got that. She says she can get away with it and I believe her. If she has half of Throttle's skill at planning and pulling off the impossible, she could do it. I think I will go with her. Mars is no place to raise a child right now.

Sparks placed the journal back. Momma never got over him. They were right. Why did she have to die? He angrily blinked away the tears that threatened to fall. This won't help Roddie. Her cousin and his gang will probably help, once they understand how bad Colonel Exhaust is and what he wants to do to Roddie. He let the lid of the trunk fall closed. And they knew Mom and my dad. Maybe they wouldn't mid tellin me 'bout 'em. Okay, so I'm sneakin into the party tonight. Gotta check these guys out. And I gotta protect Roddie.

The sorrel-furred mouse walked into his apartment with a sigh. The Rock Squad was in fine form, but practice flights away from the Fury were exhausting. And now he had to get ready for this party of Roddie's. Lance sighed. There was no way he could get out of it.

Sparks twisted around in the chair in front of the television. The set was tuned into the music channel and was playing the human band Pink Floyd's "Brick in the Wall." The grey-furred eight-year-old had a book in his hands. "Hiya, Lance. Roddie's gettin ready for the party."

Lance dropped his flight bag into the living room closet. "Why aren't you?"

"I can't go."

Lance sighed. More trouble at school. Sparks doesn't think I've got any right to boss him around. And Roddie hates it when anyone tries to intervene. Not that Sparks would take my advice. Can't rush the whole trust thing, not when it took so long for him to warm-up to the marriage idea. "Do you want to tell me why or should I let Roddie?"

The kid made a face like he had eaten something disagreeable. "Better let Roddie. But I've already been assigned my punishment."

"All right." Lance left him and entered the master bedroom. His suit and Roddie's dress were laid across the bed. His ear twitched at her choice. There was barely enough material to constitute a dress. He walked to their bathroom.

His beautiful wife was up to her slender neck in a bubble bath. Her long black hair was piled between her ears and antennae. She hummed along with the song playing softly on the radio. He leaned against the doorjamb. "Why did you pick that dress?"

"Cause I know how hot it makes you to know that every male in the room wants to take me to bed and you're the only one who can." Her solid blue eyes stared up at him mischievously.

"You're dangerous, woman."

"And don't you forget it."

"Excitement on the bridge today?" He tugged the zipper of his flight suit down and shrugged the top of the jumpsuit off his arms and shoulders.

"My big bro-cuz and his bros got transported in. The ones I thought were dead. Apparently, they've been alive and well and kicking Plutarkian ass on Earth." Roddie's smile was a mixture of nostalgia and bliss.

He remembered how much they meant to her. She had shown him when they had shared their memories from before the War. She needed something to make her happy right now. And having a few Freedom Fighters loyal to Roddie around wasn't a bad idea either. "And now they're here? He's not going to pull the whole you're-not-good-enough-for-my-little-sister act on me, is he? The best thing about our marriage is no disapproving relations." Lance smirked down at her.

Roddie smirked back. "Really? I thought it was the sex. Throttle better not. I've got stuff to throw in his face that he would die if Vinnie and Modo knew about."

"Nothing like a little blackmail to keep everyone in line."

She draped a soapy, black-furred leg over the side of the tub. "You know, there's enough room for two in here."

She didn't have to hint twice.

Vinnie couldn't keep still. Modo finally grabbed both ends of the untied bow tie and gave the white mouse a hard shake. "Does Throttle have to sit on ya before I can get this done?"

The white mouse took a deep breath and tried to stand perfectly still while the grey mouse's flesh and metal fingers expertly knotted the tie. "Man, I hate monkey suits! Way too much trouble to go to."

"Yeah, but you gotta dig the effect they have on the ladies."

"Humph. I have that effect on the ladies no matter what I wear."

Throttle chuckled. "Only in that fantasy universe you call reality."

"Hardee, har, har. Let's go. I wanna show Roddie what she's missin."

"She's probably got a good idea already." Modo released Vinnie with a laugh and headed for the main door of their suite. Vinnie surged in his wake.

Throttle glanced at the slightly opened door to the other bedroom, then back at his bros. "Go ahead, I'll catch up." Modo and Vinnie exchanged looks, shrugged, and left. The tan mouse sighed and stepped over to the door. He pushed it further open, raised his hand to knock, and froze.

Charley's back was to the door and she was bent over, tugging a high-heeled shoe onto her foot. The ankle-length sea-green dress's back was open, exposing the entire expanse of her pale-peach back, obviously it was designed to start the skirt of the dress under a female mouse's tail. The seam had been adjusted for Charley, but it still dipped provocatively toward her ass.

Throttle swallowed hard and brought his hand back to adjust the collar of the tuxedo he was wearing. He still remembered the way her body curved to meet his, how that skin felt under his fingers--smooth, sweaty, strange, perfect. He wanted to close the gap between them, hold her tight, and kiss every inch of her visible spine. He grabbed hold of the doorjamb, feeling hot and dizzy. She just wants to be friends. Just friends! What happened last week was between two lonely friends without anyone else to turn to. You may not like it, but you're gonna keep control and respect it!

Charley wobbled slightly, catching herself against the end of the bed. Her right leg parted the slit up to her knee on that side. "This dress is too long and too tight."

"Looks fine from here." Throttle hadn't realized he voiced that thought until Charley quickly straightened and whirled around. A flush was spreading across her cheeks; was it from anger or embarrassment? Make a joke out of it, quickly! "Sorry, thought you were looking for a compliment."

"It works better when you don't try to sneak it up on someone. Haven't you heard of knocking?" The front of her dress had thin straps over her shoulders and dipped slightly into her cleavage.

Throttle tore his gaze up to her face and was thankful yet again for the field specs covering his eyes. Her chestnut hair was pulled up into a loose ponytail and a pair of long ringlets framed her face. "You're the one who left the door open. You're not mad, are you?"

"No. But you can make sure you're forgiven by escorting me to the ball."

"I was going to do that anyway. Modo and Vinnie have already left."

"Then dance with me."

"Dance?" He echoed.

"One little dance. You can dance, can't you?"

"Yes, I can dance. One little dance and everything's forgiven?"

She walked to the door and slid her slender arm under his, linking their elbows. "You know how I hate to push my luck."

"But you only live once." Throttle cleared his throat after saying that and led them from the suite.

The large ballroom was already filled with guests, with more still arriving. Most were crushed together on the dance floor that took up most of the space in the room. Couples danced to the music from the live band on the stage at the opposite end from the buffet table. A few guests were serving themselves and sitting down at the tables nearby.

Modo shook his head in disgust. "If you don't quit leering like that, Throttle's gonna pin yer ears to the walls. Not to mention her husband."

Vinnie glared up at the larger mouse. "What you don't seem to get is that by wearin' a dress like that she wants to be leered at. 'Sides, no harm in lookin."

"You remember when she was a baby!"

"Yeah, and now she's a babe."

Throttle joined his bros standing near the buffet table with Charley holding onto his arm. His face turned toward the dance floor and froze. "By the gods," he muttered, eyebrows arching over his field specs.

Charley followed his gaze. "Wow! And I thought my dress was revealing."

Vinnie looked the human woman up and down. "Not too bad, sweetheart, but Roddie's got ya beat."

"Her mother is rollin in her grave," Modo declared.

"Something tells me it ain't the first time either," Throttle answered. "Sendin' her with a bunch of space-dogs at puberty to the asteroids. Yeah, that was a good idea."

"I remember you agreein' with her parents for her not to be a Freedom Fighter," Vinnie commented.

"Yeah, because she was too young. I never thought sendin' her off planet was a good idea."

Roddie at the ball by Morning Roddie at dance by Lola Background by BookWorm Modo looked back at the dance floor. Roddie danced to the band's music with a sorrel-furred mouse about Throttle's height. By the way they embraced, he hoped that mouse was her mysterious husband. She wore a skin-tight, strapless red dress that clung to her breasts, bared her back by ducking under her tail, and the hem stopped just barely an inch below her ass. He had to wonder just how it was staying on. The thirteen-year-old girl that had left Mars would have never worn any style of dress. Have eight years changed Stella as much?

The song ended and Roddie pulled her partner to their group. "Guys, this is my husband, Captain Lance of the Rock Squad Fighters. Lance, this is my cousin Throttle. Vinnie. Modo. And their friend Charley."

The sorrel-furred mouse shook hands with each of them. "Pleased to meet you. Roddie's told me a lot about you."

"Then you should probably only believe about half of it," Throttle said with a grin. "Roddie, that dress . . .."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm not getting fashion advice from Mr. I'm-too-cool-to-wear-a-shirt, am I?"

"Looks good on ya."

"Really good on ya," Vinnie emphasized. "Care to take a twirl with the studliest mouse in the room? That is, if Lance doesn't mind?"

"Roddie doesn't need my permission. She outranks me." Lance grinned down at his shorter wife, a mixed expression of admiration, pride, tenderness, and lust. They ain't been married long, Modo thought.

The black mouse signaled the band, which started playing "The Boys Are Back In Town." Modo groaned. "All grown-up but still the same old Roddie."

"Whatever do you mean, Modo?" She replied in that mock-innocent voice he remembered. "Come on, Vin-man. Let's see what you're made of."

Throttle turned to Charley as Roddie and Vinnie trotted out to the dance floor. "Ready to dance?"

"Any time you are."

Modo glanced at Lance, feeling the need to say something now that everyone else had left. "Roddie was a handful when she was younger."

"She still is. But now she's using her powers for good. Excuse me." He turned to another mouse that gestured for his attention. Modo, now left alone, turned to the buffet table.

He stood at the end of the buffet table with a full plate when he saw a grey tail trying to wrap around an hors d'oeuvre. The others in line hadn't noticed it yet. He followed it to its owner, a young boy hiding behind a tall green bush nearby. Modo leaned against the wall next to the bush. "It's usually easier to just get a plate and go through the line," he advised in a low voice.

The kid snatched his tail back. "Cheese, mister! Don't tell Roddie I'm here, please?"

"What would she do if she knew you were here?"

"Send me back to Mars without a pressure suit."

"Then why sneak in?"

The boy's red eyes peered up at him through his shaggy grey bangs and green leaves of the plant. "You're one of those old friends of Roddie's. The Freedom Fighters."

"Yeah, the name's Modo. You're the kid Roddie adopted?"

"Yeah, Sparks. She just takes care of me. She can't adopt me 'cause she's military."

"Pleased to meet ya." Modo held his plate of food where the kid could have some. "So you disobeyed Roddie and snuck into her party. Nice knowin' ya, Sparks."

"I'm just here in case Colonel Exhaust tries something. Roddie and Lance might need backup."

"Colonel Exhaust?"

"That white and black mouse over in the corner. He's in charge of Internal Security."

Modo frowned at the mouse, the only one in the room dressed in a uniform and intensely watching Charley and Throttle dance. The black spot covered his right ear and eye. "Why would he try something?"

"He hates aliens."

"And you're gonna stop him all by yourself?"

"Nah, I'm just a surprise. No one expects the kid to be able to fight."

"You don't have to worry 'bout him startin something tonight. I'll even see Roddie and Lance home to be sure."

The kid stared up at him. "Promise?"

"Biker's honor. Now get home before Roddie makes asteroids out of both of us."

"Thanks, Mr. Modo." Sparks bent down and opened a ventilation grille hidden behind the plant. He crawled inside the shaft and replaced the grille.

Modo blinked his eye and turned back to look at Colonel Exhaust. The kid had a gun strapped around his waist. He frowned to himself. Knowing how much Roddie had liked target practice, he had no doubts that Sparks knew how to use the gun. But the fact that he needed to use it; that wasn't right.

The grey mouse glanced at the dance floor then looked back at Colonel Exhaust. Charley and Throttle weren't doing anything wrong, but the Colonel followed their every move with a gaze of intense concentration. Something really ain't right here.

Charley laughed as Throttle pulled her back to him from a spin as the song ended. "Forgiven now?" he asked.

Throttle and Charley dancing by Morning "Just remember to knock next time." The band began to play another familiar song, a slower song. "I love this song!" She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned her head against his shoulder, and began to sway.

He cautiously wrapped his arms around her as they moved gently to the beat. Her scent, so alien yet achingly familiar, filled his nostrils and flooded his mind with thoughts he was better off not having. The lead singer began the ballad.

"High Enough" by Damn Yankees
Download the Biker Mice From Mars: Reunions Soundtrack here

I don't wanna hear about it, anymore
It's a shame I got to live without you, anymore
There's a fire in my heart
A pounding in my brains
Driving me crazy

His fingers against her skin were electric. Charley felt her breath quicken. How could Carbine just give up on you? I wish you were over her. Maybe then you could see me as something besides a friend.

We don't need to talk about it, anymore
Yesterday's just a memory
Can we close the door?
I just made one mistake
I didn't know what to say
When you called me baby

Throttle could have rested his cheek against hers. But he didn't. The gesture was too personal, would mean something was between them that she didn't want. I could be so much more than a friend. Why don't you want me? Because of whatever happened between you and Vinnie? Because you're afraid I'll go back to Mars?

Don't say good night
Say you're gonna stay forever
Oh, oh all the way

Can you take me high enough?
To fly me over yesterday
Can you take me high enough?
It's never over
Yesterday's just a memory
Yesterday's just a memory

Charley tightened her hold around his neck. Don't let this moment end. I don't care if Limburger's destroying everything I've loved since my childhood. As long as you hold me, it doesn't matter. Hold me tighter, Throttle.

I don't wanna live without you, anymore
Can't you see I'm in misery?
And you know for sure
I will live and die for you
And I know just what to do
When you call me baby

Throttle pressed her closer. That hot and dizzy feeling had returned. After what we shared, how can you just want to be friends? Did it mean nothing? Just a night of fun? No, it wasn't just fun. You were too worried about me. Worried that your friend was loosing it for keeps.

Don't say good-bye
Say you're gonna stay forever
Oh, oh all the way

Can you take me high enough?
To fly me over yesterday
Can you take me high enough?
It's never over
Yesterday's just a memory

I was running for the door
The next thing I remember
I was running back for more

Charley closed her eyes. Her heart pounded, but he didn't seem to notice. You said you had dreams about me! You wanted to hold me! Was one night enough? And if it was, why have you avoided getting this close to me? Are you afraid I want more than just friendship? I do, but I won't make a scene about it. Sometimes you just can't have a relationship with a fantasy.

Don't say good-bye
Say you're gonna stay forever
Oh, oh all the way

Can you take me high enough?
Can you fly me over yesterday?
Can you take me high enough?
It's never over

Throttle closed his eyes. The blood rushing in his ears made it hard to hear the music. I wanna stay this close to you. I need to be this close to you. The universe actually feels like it makes sense when I'm with you. And all you were trying to do was prove that someone cared for me the only way I could understand at the time. And it's over. I'm better. And we're just friends. 'Cause you don't want anything more than that.

Can you take me high enough?
Won't you fly me over yesterday?
Can you take me high enough?
It's never over

The song wound down and ended. The band announced they were taking a break. Charley pulled away with a nervous laugh. "Sorry, but I have always loved that song."

Throttle smiled. "Want me to get 'em to play it again?"

She blushed. "That's all right. I think you've spoiled me enough tonight."

"I don't mind," he whispered then cleared his throat. "Let's get something to drink."

Modo listened patiently as Lance explained the Rock Squad's function in the Fury's command structure. He understood about as much of it as he did of Carbine's explanation of how the Martian Army worked. He could understand having a leader and obeying the leader's orders, but the protocol, rules, and regulations seemed like a waste of time and a hindrance to getting the job done.

Vinnie rejoined Modo as Roddie dragged Lance back out to the dance floor. "She wore you out?" The older grey mouse chuckled.

"Nah, she wanted to dance with Lance again. But ya know it's probably a good thing she wasn't a Freedom Fighter. She would have been way too distractin'." Vinnie gulped down the glass of blue liquid he got off a waitress's tray.

"Everybody after her, Throttle doing his big brother act, and Freedom Fighters fightin each other instead of stinkfish?" The white mouse nodded. "Nah, you two would have been an item or killed each other way before any mess like that could've happened," Modo concluded.

"Me and Roddie an item? You've been sniffin' gas fumes?"

"She had a huge crush on ya, man."

"No way, Modo. The brat always yanked my tail and called me bonehead." Vinnie frowned.

"Yeah, but you're the only one whose tail she pulled and called bonehead. She didn't even pick on Throttle like that and she's related to him."

"No way, bro. No way." Vinnie shook his head and moved toward the buffet table.

Throttle and Charley passed him as they joined Modo. "What's wrong with Vinnie?" she asked. "He looked like something upset him."

"He's just reinterpreting past events in light of newly-learned emotional motivations." Modo grinned.

"Meaning you told him that Roddie had a crush on him the size of Olympus Mons," Throttle chuckled. "He never saw that comin'."

"You guys are all the same. You never notice what's going on under your whiskers."

"Don't be too hard on him, Charley-girl. Roddie was a scrawny tomboy two years younger than he was. Not exactly a sex symbol for a horny teenager," Throttle explained.

"So why tell him now?"

"Just to mess with his head," Modo answered.

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