The Dark Knight Rises: Weapon of the Shadows

Chapter Nineteen

Gordon scanned the rooftop. A black cape swooped out of sight, but he didn't draw any attention to it. A battered Selina Kyle dressed in her masked regalia sat on the asphalt. She released the child who wore a modified Batman costume. Near the roof edge, a large man lay on his stomach with one arm and leg handcuffed in a partial hogtie.

Selina smirked through her pain. "You're early, Jim. I'm not dead yet."

He directed the first two officers to the unconscious man. "Don't hold it against me that I wanted to prevent that. Is that Cain?" He jerked his head at the man.

"Yes, but it's Batgirl's collar." She patted the arm of the girl in the full face mask.

"She's not the Batgirl I've met."

Selina's smirk blossomed into a sly smile. "Well, what the report doesn't know won't hurt it."

Gordon squatted so he was face-to-face with her. A bruise spread on her right cheekbone under her mask. Blood smeared with her lipstick. Her right arm hung wrong. "How bad are you hurt?"

"I won't say no to a free ride to the closest hospital. And if your boys check on top of the rooftop access there, you'll find a recording of Cain's confession."

Gordon nodded at the two officers who had followed him up and they moved around the shed-like structure. "The evidence you said you would provide?"

"I didn't want to stop in Gotham and not get you anything."

"You're so thoughtful," he said. "Do we need to call for an ambulance?"

"Dislocated right shoulder, pain in my left ribs, and my right ankle doesn't want to move." Gordon wondered how many times she had been injured for her to be so precise and detached about this set. She continued, "Help me down the stairs and I can withstand a car ride to the hospital."

Gordon waved at two uniforms who just stepped onto the roof. "You two, come carry Catwoman downstairs to my car." You couldn't see her masked eyebrows, but Gordon got the impression she had raised one regardless.

The two officers slid their clasped hands under Selina's butt while Gordon helped raise her. She hissed with pain. Batgirl's whole body jerked and she lifted her gloved fists.

Selina petted the cowl before she wrapped her working arm around Sale's neck. "It will hurt no matter what. Don't hit anybody." Batgirl nodded and fell behind the group that Gordon led down the stairs to the elevator.

The officers loaded Selina into the Commissioner's SUV while Gordon conferred with the assigned detective. "We'll listen to the recording together when I return to Headquarters. There's probably stuff the D.A. doesn't need to worry about on it." Gordon waved off his driver and slid behind the wheel. Batgirl buckled herself in the center of the back seat bench. Selina sat in the passenger seat with closed eyes.

Neither of his passengers offered any conversation as he entered traffic, so he began. "Be honest with me, Selina."

"How do I keep giving the impression that I'm a liar?" She opened her eyes.

"I know who I saw jumping off the building. Is he back?"

"I don't know. He's not dead but--"

"He's been living as Hemingford Grey, not Bruce Wayne," Gordon said.

"I haven't been Selina Kyle either. And you two weren't supposed to follow me to Gotham." She pointed underhanded at Batgirl.

The little girl's voice had a trace of an accent that Gordon couldn't place. "Bruce want Selina safe. Me too."

Pulling up in front of Gotham General's emergency room doors stopped the conversation. Gordon wasn't sure if it was because of his presence, but they took Selina back for x-rays as soon as they entered. Batgirl pulled her cape around her as they waited in the hall. They followed the gurney into a treatment room where the technician picked up a pair of safety shears. "Okay, Catwoman, it's easiest to cut your shoulder and ankle free."

Selina sat up. "This stuff costs more than you make annually. You are not cutting it up. Jim, make sure he doesn't peek. Don't want my boyfriend to get jealous."

Gordon steered the young man toward the door while he pulled the curtain closed around the gurney. "You heard the lady."

"Me help?" Batgirl asked behind the curtain.

"Yes, but first, I am so proud of you." Selina's voice quivered with parental pride that Gordon never expected to hear from her. "So many people just run from their monsters, but you fought yours. That was the bravest thing I have ever seen. But don't you dare throw yourself off any more buildings until you have BASE-jump training."

"Yes." The cape flapped. "Feel?"

"You tell me. Now unzip that boot and don't repeat anything I say under my breath."

After some colorful mutterings and alarming inhales, Selina was undressed except for her mask, a black bra, and a pair of black panties when the doctor arrived with the x-ray film. "Good news," the doctor said as he displayed the x-rays. "Only one rib is fractured, your ankle is only sprained, and your shoulder is only dislocated."

"And it all only hurts like a muther," Selina added while the doctor blinked at her mask.

He glanced at Gordon. "Can I ask what happened?"

"I fought a very bad man," Selina said. "But I'm telling everyone a bike messenger ran me over."

"The criminal investigation is ongoing." Gordon tugged Batgirl away from the gurney.

"The less I know the better." The doctor lifted her right ankle and began to wrap it. Selina took the treatment stoically while Batgirl flinched. Gordon patted her black-covered shoulder. She looked up and he saw her brown eyes before she looked at Selina again. The doctor adjusted the sling for Selina's right arm. "You don't need to stay overnight." He typed on a laptop. "I'll print your treatment plan with a copy of tonight's visit for your own doctor. Get dressed and see the nurse at the exit desk for payment."

The treatment room's door swung open. "I paid already." Bruce Wayne parked the wheeled suitcase against the wall and held a huge bouquet of red roses and pink carnations in front of his face.

When no one protested the sunglass-wearing man's entrance, the doctor shrugged. "I'll get your printouts for you."

"Thank you," Selina said as she stared at Bruce.

He handed her the bouquet. "I hope the mourning bride isn't appropriate."

"I hope so too."

"Let's give them some privacy, Batgirl." Gordon patted the young man's shoulder, but Bruce didn't react. Batgirl backed out and huffed when Gordon shut the door. He sank into a hallway chair set across from the door.

Batgirl glided to Gordon. "Me hero?"

His eyebrows knitted together. "What do you mean?"

"You say anyone be hero. Me hero?"

"Oh yes, you did good work up there. You're a hero." He saw her grin beneath the black fabric covering the lower half of the cowl. She climbed into the adjacent seat and kicked her feet. His heart panged when he remembered Babs small enough to do that. He leaned closer. "But I think you should wait until you're older before doing it again."

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