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Biker Mice From Mars:
Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare:

Biker Mice From Mars: Reunions was the first Biker Mice fanfic I wrote back in 1994. I realized it was the second in sequence and then wrote its prequel, Jack-of-all-Trades to introduce Tala.

Fast forward to 2000. Having just complete the Jack-of-all-Trades rewrite that became Shatter Your Illusions, I still wasn't ready to end my Biker Mice writing kick (I was also in the middle of a summer class for Spanish and the furry trio was keeping me sane). I had the second story, Put Me Back Together, all planned out but a problem developed. The radio station wouldn't play Matchbox Twenty's "Bent" so I could tape it and get the lyrics. I had to have that song for the story.

Not a problem. I'll just do the Reunions--now the third story in my series--rewrite next. So I got started. The essential plot didn't change: Limburger sending the bros and Charley to an asteroid mining/refugee spaceship that Throttle's half-mouse cousin Hot Rod is now the Captain of; Roddie and her husband raising Modo and Stella's son Sparks; Charley and Throttle realizing they're in love with each other; and the insane mouse in charge of the Internal Security forces, Colonel Exhaust, threatens the ship along with some slavers.

I ditched the slavers and expanded everything else. A few characters got name changes--Roddie's husband became Lance--and I added a lot more faces to the Olympian Fury--like Axle, Clutch, and Ivero. Vinnie and the readers learn a bit more about the mysterious mercenary Tala. I like giving that information out in the smallest possible bits. And the readers learn a little bit more about the Biker Mice's lives pre-Charley--especially Throttle's. More revelations are in store, so don't think you know everything yet.

I would like to thank Morning and Kat for being my beta readers on this story. They are the ones responsible for a good portion of its final form. Morning, in particular, pointed out I should say something about Throttle's blindness since I have him running around for a good portion of the story without his field specs. Kat had so many suggestions I can't list them all here.

I finished writing it on October 8, 2000. On December 16, 2000, Biker Mice From Mars: Reunions moved onto my website. And as usual if you notice any typos or oopsies, please let me know.

Update of sorts. With the stories I have written and the story ideas I have gotten so far, I realized that the bulk of the stories go into one series but they would be indistinguishable from the stand-alones unless I created a series title. After much deliberation and sending it up for a vote, Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare became the series title for the massive series that starts with Shatter Your Illusions on March 20, 2002. The title comes from a Sammy Hagar song "Remember the Heroes."

Last but not least, the soundtrack details:

  1. "Biker Mice From Mars" by Will Anderson Cartoon Theme
  2. "Remember the Heroes" by Sammy Hagar Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare Theme
  3. “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” by Guns ‘n Roses Throttle and Roddie’s Theme
  4. “Invincible” by Pat Benatar Roddie’s Theme
  5. “Boys Are Back in Town” Mentioned in the story
  6. “High Enough” by Damn Yankees Throttle and Charley’s Theme
  7. “Angel Eyes” by Jeff Healey Band Lance and Roddie’s Theme
  8. “Girl You Got Me Going” by Van Halen Vinnie and Tala’s Theme
  9. “Heaven Can Wait” by MeatLoaf Story Cut One
  10. “Heaven Can Wait” by MeatLoaf Story Cut Two
  11. “Heaven Can Wait” by MeatLoaf Full Version
  12. "The Last Song" by Elton John Sparks' Theme

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