The Triforce

Author's Notes on
The Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Poison

The Triforce

After Master of the Dark Realm was finished, I realized I had to tell Lin's story and show why Ganon was so desperate to get rid of him. But first I would have to bring back Link. He had to train his son to battle Ganon, and another kid would have to be born eventually since Lin would not inherit his mother's throne.

Lissa could have stopped Ganon's attack on Lin or Zelda's search for an antidote, so she took a little trip to Earth. And since it was the only way to find a man who could love her as an equal, she started the family tradition of the universe-jumping females dragging their loves back with them. See the Family Tree and Chronology for when Lin was born and Lissa and Josh got married.

Ganon's Poison was finished in 1993.

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