The Triforce

Author's Notes on
The Legend of Zelda: Master of the Dark Realm

The Triforce

Mervin Brazile really like The Legend of Zelda: Verge of Destruction, but had one complaint. "Legends of Zelda don't have happy endings. Link and Zelda don't get together." So heaving fake sighs, I put pen to paper and started writing Master of the Dark Realm.

I finished it in 1993 and gave Mervin his unhappy ending, and created a long and convoluted list of intertwined fanfics involving my Hyrule, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Gargoyles fanfic universes, as well as an original world of my own creation. If I had realized at the time what I was jumping into, I think I would have told Mervin to just deal with the happy ending. I also started throwing in references to the other video games in this story. See the Family Tree and Chronology to see how all four games fit into my Hyrule fanfic universe.

The only criticism I got about Master of the Dark Realm was from another friend, William "Billy" Robinson. He objected to the scene with the evil twin of Link. "It wasn't appropriate for the age level you're writing for." Obviously, I ignored his advice--and yes, it was after serious consideration--and decided to leave the scene as is. To diminish it would destroy the sense of Ganon's evil and desperation. And if you the reader are below the sixth grade and your parents let you read this--shame on them! They're supposed to make sure you're not finding sites that could corrupt your innocent minds. Be sure to have them read some original Grimm fairy tales to you before you go to bed. If you the reader are above the sixth grade, you've seen worse on TV. Thank God, you're reading!

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