Author's Notes on
Tin Man: Not His Kink

Once upon a time (2009), I put aside all fiction to work on the Master of Arts Exam Part One (otherwise known as the thrice-damned Faulkner paper from Hell). My muse was not happy with this development; even though I was writing, it didn't count as fun writing. So in retaliation, she plopped into my mind an NC-17 scene involving bondage with a threesome I hadn't read about in the fandom before: DG, Wyatt Cain, and Elmer Gulch.

I had to ignore the muse and concentrate on Faulkner. She worked out the details of how that scene evolved and tacked on torture with sexual abuse from Zero into the story as well. I shudder to think what this story would have turned into if I hadn't finished the M.A. Exam Part One and started writing down the erotica the muse had developed, otherwise known as "porn with a plot" (a term borrowed shamelessly from Purplerhino).

2010 was planned as my year for writing 365,000 fictional words. That goal flopped, but that's another story. January 1st and Not His Kink's rough draft was ready to be typed and counted towards this worthy goal. I finished that draft January 31, 2010. Then promptly got bogged down in the posting experiment for Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic and sewing my bridesmaid dress for a wedding in June. I came back to Not His Kink in July, and posted it the LiveJournal community for Tin Man Kink, knees knocking about the whole thing.

This story is erotica and really dark too. Not that I'm worried about my reputation, but afraid of rejection at the same time. Because it is erotica, I decided not to post it on FanFiction.Net. I posted it with a big disclaimer in the Library on January 29, 2011. Don't cry to me if the subject matter disturbs you; I'm still avoiding therapy as to why Faulkner would drive a portion of my brain to that material in the first place.

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