The Triforce

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The Legend of Zelda: Destiny

The Triforce

Destiny was what I thought would be the last of the Hyrule stories. Shows how well I know my own imagination. Lin had aged to 18 and succeeded in doing what two previous generations of heroes couldn't. I also introduced the rest of his generation--Zoe (rhymes with Poe), Kevin, Kelamane, and Lyle. And in case you didn't guess or you watched different cartoon series, Kevin was named after Captain N: The Game Master. Elaine was Lancelot's un-loved wife. Lissa thought she deserved a better fate and frankly so did I.

By the time I started working on Destiny, the third video game, A Link to the Past had been released. A comic based on it was published in Nintendo Power magazine in which the story was set in Hyrule's past, and this set of Link and Zelda was not the same set as the ones from the first two games. I incorporated this idea; the Unnamed Hero is the Link from the third game after asking the Power of Gold to erase his name from what he had done, and Zelda the First you met in the story. For a more complete look at Hyrule's timeline, see the Family Tree and Chronology.

The first draft of Destiny was finished in 1993, and I turned to other projects. This first draft had major problems--I couldn't come up with a decent second challenge and I flew over most of Lin and Elaine's developing relationship. It wasn't until I started making changes on February 9, 2000 that these elements started fitting together in the present form.

Changes, ha, more like a massive overhaul. Not only did I change the second challenge and expanded the scenes showing Lin and Elaine's relationship; I added foreshadowing of Zoe's problems with Zelda (which in turns foreshadows the next stories) and tried to explain why Zelda is holding her oldest children back. These changes were finished on April 13, 2000 and The Legend of Zelda: Destiny was added to my web site that same day. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Barton, who was willing to proofread this story and point out problems with it. Thanks, Matt!

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