Author's Notes on
Signs and Portents:

I started this story almost the second after I left the movie theater with the Dark Knight Rises still coursing through my head. I also exited firmly in the camp that the last scene was real and not a mental breakdown for poor Alfred. I outlined my reasons in a review blog post I wrote over supper, and then had the niggle thought: Selina helped him set the stuff up in Gotham.

Bruce can't retire from being Batman; it's part of him. But I believe it's possible for him to be Batman and happy. So what would be big enough to pull him away from Gotham? An offensive campaign to end the League of Shadows, and after three attacks, they deserve to be wiped off the planet.

Last element, but certainly not least, I wanted to give voice to Selina and her emotions about Bruce and becoming a hero who has his back, who loves him, and isn't scared off by the cowl or the growl. Unlike Rachel *cough* bad OC *cough*. I had fun filling in some of the holes in the movie.

When I got home, I found out the uncertainty of the final scene was done on purpose, so I scrapped my list of details supporting Alfred's-not-having-a-nervous-breakdown interpretation in favor of just writing the story. Since I wrote it after one viewing, I made a couple of big mistakes with how Blake got the bag and how badly Bruce got stabbed. At this point, I'd have to rewrite the whole thing to fix those issues, and I'd rather just move onto the rest of the stories.

I finished Partners on August 16, 2012 and posted it to LiveJournal on August 21, 2012 because I wanted feedback on if I handled Bruce and Selina right. After positive feedback, I added it to the Library on November 6, 2012 and then to shortly afterwards.

After discussing a different the Dark Knight Rises series idea with a friend who kept confusing the two series, I finally decided on the series title Signs and Portents for this collection of stories on April 22, 2013. I wish it had occurred to me before publishing.

I also added a "Darkened Cities: New York" image by Thierry Cohen to illustrate how Gotham's night sky looks with major portions of it blacked out.

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