Author's Notes on
Signs and Portents:
Meanwhile in Gotham City

Meanwhile in Gotham City started off as a dabble in my head: Gordon turns on the repaired Batsignal and meets Nightwing. Then I gave a little thought on who Gordon would need to consult a cape about. Scarecrow was still at large at the end of the Dark Knight Rises, and no one noticed the hint I gave over who Jen went to work for, so both of those members of the Rouges Gallery made good subjects of conversation. And then I thought "what if Barbara Gordon the daughter burst in on their meeting?"

I cast Molly C. Quinn as the young adult version of the character played by Hannah Gunn in the Dark Knight. I also dropped nine years from Joseph Gordan-Levitt's age so I could use him to recast the kid in the Narrows from Batman Begins. I think the picture came out well.

A few things surprised me in this story. Crane was a hoot to write, so I can understand why they kept giving him cameo appearances in the movies. My first version of Babs telling what she remembers of Two-Face threatening them had her eyes covered from when Two-Face took Jimmy. It changed for the better when I rewatched the scene and saw that Mom Barbara didn't cover Babs' eyes until after Batman was shot.

The first draft of Meanwhile in Gotham City was finished October 31, 2012. I added it to the Library on April 14, 2013, and posted it to and LiveJournal shortly thereafter.

After discussing a different the Dark Knight Rises series idea with a friend who kept confusing the two series, I finally decided on the series title Signs and Portents for this collection of stories on April 22, 2013. I wish it had occurred to me before publishing.

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