Author's Notes on
The Dark Knight Rises:
Part of the Night:
The Wayne Legacy

Part of the Night started way back in 2013 and while my muse was happily skipping along with this happens next and that leads to this scene, the nuts 'n bolts part of my brain realized in the outlining stage that chopping in half was the best way to go. End the first novel with the bomb's detonation (The One Rule) and the second novel would cover the reconstruction of Gotham, Selina and Bruce repairing themselves without their masked personas, and end with Helena's birth. The Wayne Legacy outlined deceptively simply with that metric. With hindsight of having finished the rough draft and edits, if I had followed my normal practice of write-edit-post, I would have made Part of the Night a trilogy instead of a duology.

But that was a lesson I learned back in writing the One Rule, so moving onto things particular with this novel. Gender bending and racebending is fun and easy when you're writing shout-outs and not rigidly following the canon. Harold Allnut was Batman's gadget guy back in 1989 until Hush; I needed a director for the Foundation, and now we have Harriet Allnut. I like a lot of Harper and Cullen Row's background, sibling bond, personalities, and what they bring to the BatFam. Not so much liking on their canon skin color, so I changed that. I did tie their story in with Lucius Fox, which is annoying because most of the canon African-American heroes who develop in Gotham City are related to him (like the Fox family is the only one in Gotham City), but I eventually sided with the shared love of engineering. In the hazy future for this series, Harper will take over designing the Bat-gadgets.

Established POC characters remained the same, but that still led to fun. I think I've mentioned before how I stopped following the DC Animated Universe when they changed Batman animation to match Superman. When Justice League came along, I equated the art as more of the same Superman art and didn't watch. (I have since worked on watching more of it once I learned that everything ties together and develops into Batman Beyond.) Fast forward to 2011 and the Green Lantern movie--my father picked it out for our Father's Day movie--I took the opportunity to berate Hollywood beauty standards after it. "Nothing against Angela Bassett, I love her, but she's not Waller. Waller's nickname is the Wall for crying out loud. The actress who plays Mrs. Frederic on Warehouse 13, she would have made a perfect Dr. Waller!'

So imagine my dumbfoundment when I brushed up on my Amanda Waller research for this story and found out CCH Pounder was Waller's voice actress in DCAU. I swear if my brain is connected to Bruce Timm's I'm not really profiting from it. Renee Montoya and Jen dating developed as I wrote because Montoya is a canon lesbian and Jen is a bisexual who has sworn-off men thanks to her childhood abuse. It was one of those surprises that you don't outline for.

Name dropping Jean Paul Valley as the way Jen saves the day was always intended. For all the John Blake haters, stop and think: he could have been Jean Paul Valley, i.e. AzBat. Boy, I can hear the Internet fan fight from the alternate universe where they used that idea. I own the novelization of Knightfall, and my take away from that story is to feel WAY sorrier for Tim Drake and Jean Paul Valley. Jean Paul wasn't stable enough to be Batman, and editorial thought that was a more compelling story than giving Dick the cowl and poor Tim nearly ran himself ragged trying to keep Gotham's criminals and citizens safe from AzBat. So color me happy we got Robin John Blake in the Nolanverse.

If you had read Weapon of the Shadows and wondered about Gordon's speech that so inspired Cassandra, I finally wrote it out here. I added the quote from A Tale of Two Cities because this story eliminated Bruce's funeral, but it's still too perfect not to find a context for. Putting two roses at the statue is a homage of Bruce bringing roses to Crime Alley on the anniversary of his parents' murder as seen in Batman the Animated Series and Tim Burton's Batman.

Another new lesson: I don't like writing wedding hoopla, which is not the same as writing a marriage scene. For example, Bruce and Selina have been married since he made the copper rings and she accepted one way back in The One Rule: Chapter Twenty-Three. But the hoopla of the wedding ceremony is necessary to the plot, Alfred deserves it, and let's face it, current DC editorial hates marriage. This may be the only wedding hoopla we BatCat fans get until Chris Dee writes one in Cat Tales or Slingblade125 writes hers. So I sucked it up, borrowed heavily from Great Officiants for the nuts and bolts of the ceremony, and delivered. Oh, and just in case anyone is interested, the reactor core bomb was created September 22, 2012 so February 19, 2013 is when the five month decay period would have ended with a boom.

Really important lesson: Jerkbrain (Captain Awkward) attacks do not lead to coherent writing. Luckily, the worst attacks from the Jerkbrain seem to have been biochemical in nature and have subsided now that I've gotten vitamin and mineral deficiencies under control. The last bad attack I was back on September 4, 2014 when I was editing Chapter Twenty-Seven. I'm not on Tumblr, but I have twenty on Feedly that I watch for art, gifsets, and brilliant commentary for the Nolanverse, BatCat, and Helena Wayne. Before this chapter was originally posted, it used to be twenty-one. A Tumblr dedicated to BatCat bashed the Nolanverse version, the one all my Batman fics are centered on. I was blindsided by this and through my luck, everyone else who supports the Dark Knight Rises went quiet.

Too quiet and combined with other stressors in my life at the time, my Jerkbrain proceeded to attack how wrong I was about the pairing and about the story and about everything else in my life. I ended up adding the begging author's note below and alarming many of my readers.

I've been trying really hard not to beg for reviews in this novel and I know right now school routines are being built and all that fun jazz. But every time I see a blast against this Selina and Bruce and TDKR from people who I otherwise agree with it starts up my Jerkbrain comments: "why are you bothering with this story" followed with "you're an idiot for seeing something good in this movie" and "nobody is really reading your dreck." So it would be easier to get through the next chapter if you readers spoke up. The Riddler kidnapped Selina after all!

All I really wanted was people to tell me that we love this version too. Luckily, I have good readers and the real issue got parsed out in the AO3 comment section. I deleted the Tumblr from my Feedly list, and finished the story.

Moving onto choices made in this series. I first learned about Joshua and Solomon Wayne in Shadow of the Bat Volume 1 Number 45: Wayne Manor: Anatomy of a Murder, one of the few Batman comics I have bought and kept. Their sister Helena Wayne is an OC that I added to the Wayne family tree, because screw the Wayne family only being filled with interesting men characters, and somebody needed to own that emerald necklace before Bruce.

While doing research on that Wayne family tree, I ended up making a graphic of the family tree for this series. I saved revealing it until after Helena and Stephanie Wayne had been given their middle names. I wanted to show that Bruce accepted Selina's family as his by pairing Helena's name with one that was so evocative of their past for Selina and Jen, so we get Helena Magdalene. The One Rule opens right after Bruce learns the truth about Rachel from Alfred and he's still reeling from it. So it made sense to have this scene to show Bruce has truly moved past Rachel's death and losing that dream of a normal life, despite how it apparently short-changes Martha. But it doesn't because of the pearl necklace: the symbol of how crime shattered Bruce's family and childhood, how Selina's desired family and love, how Bruce gave that to her willingly (and the necklace more grudgingly). And Selina wore that necklace and all its symbolism into danger and brought it and their family back safely out again. Okay, check out the family tree while I stop sniffling.

I pulled most of the Wayne family members from the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline but I had to tweak the generations since DC has added another one between Bruce and Judge Solomon Wayne of Underground Railroad and other fame since Batman Begins was filmed and Shadow of the Bat Volume 1 Number 45: Wayne Manor: Anatomy of a Murder was written. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many ancestors filled in, despite missing a few mothers along the way.

Head canon history story time (tweaked from the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline): Darius Wayne was an American Revolutionary War hero along with his brother "Mad" Anthony Wayne. He was rewarded with the land grant forming Wayne Manor, and built a modest mansion that the family lived in until Charles Wayne constructed the Manor.

Judge Solomon Wayne added the elevator when he expanded the Manor into the Gothic Revival castle we see in Batman Begins. He and his brother Joshua were conductors on the Underground Railroad with their station in the cave under Wayne Manor. Joshua Wayne went missing November 5, 1860 and was presumed dead. Helena Wayne tried to enlist in the Union Army when the Civil War began but was discovered. In 1876, she helped establish the Bureau of Medical and Surgical Relief for the Out of Door Poor as part of Gotham General Hospital, one of the nation's first outpatient departments. Judge Wayne invested in real estate with the family's shipping company profits and was a leading force in modernizing Gotham City.

Alan Wayne established Wayne Shipping. Kenneth Wayne founded Wayne Chemicals, Silas Wayne founded WayneTech, and Patrick Wayne combined the three companies under Wayne Enterprises. Silas and Kenneth both joined the military during World War II and the Korean Way, and both died in them. Thomas Wayne never desired to be a business man like his father and uncles, so his mother pushed him to medical school.

Now let's have a discussion about stately Wayne Manor and how I've been displeased with most of its portrayals over the years. The Adam West television series, which was my first gateway into Batman, featured a Tudor/Gothic Revival mansion built in 1928. Nice look and older than what I had thought before doing research, but it never felt like East Coast to me. Neither does that Gotham, but it is its own thing that I love.

Tim Burton ramped up the Gothic aspects in his films by going with a British Gothic Tudor mansion since they filmed in England. Joel Schumacher (holy hell, I actually have something nice to say about his Batman films beside Chris O'Donnell was a fine Robin) came back to America and used Stevenson Taylor Hall, Webb Institute which is a 1914 Jacobean, Tudor, and Renaissance-influenced mansion in Glen Cove, New York. The same one the Gotham television series is using and the one that made me sit up and notice it as American architecture. Right now, it's the one I like the best.

So now we're up to Nolan's choices. Filming in England again, he used Mentmore Towers in Batman Begins and Wollaton Hall for the Dark Knight Rises. They are beautiful Gothic buildings and historically connected to each other, but manage to feel all wrong to me. They're older than America and not built in American versions of the style. What I don't understand if you want something that massive, why didn't you get exterior shots of the Biltmore Estate? It's American, and the time period it was built in is right with the comic history since it was Judge Solomon Wayne and his son who built Wayne Manor. But they didn't go that route.

I was stuck with what Nolan used and came up with Bruce's improvements and decorating changes were an attempt to stop his nightmares, and the old Hunting Lodge as a solution to the housing problem. Eventually they won't rebuild the Georgian mansion that was there, but blend the Georgian and Gothic Revival into Renaissance Revival for a smaller Wayne Manor. I've been inspired by the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. Smaller because of the class conflict that helped fuel the Occupation and who the hell does Bruce Wayne have to impress? But that won't happen until after a certain acrobat becomes part of the family.

Most everyone probably has a pretty good guess as to what happens next in their lives. Incidentally, despite my Dick/Babs-shipper membership, this timeline is probably the only one I can see a Dick/Starfire relationship happening in the future. But as my writing plans stand right now, I don't plan on writing it. When I started writing this series back in 2013, I never foresaw it taking a year-and-a-half to complete it. And even longer counting polishing edits after the AO3 version was finished to put it in the Library and post to FanFiction.Net. Maybe someday I'll need to give readers the night at the circus or this Babs becoming Batgirl, but don't wait for it.

The first draft of Part of the Night: The Wayne Legacy was finished January 1, 2015, and was finished posting to AO3 on February 2, 2015. I added it to the Library on December 4, 2015, and posted it on soon after.

Last lesson learned from working on this story: when I'm choosing music based on the outline I should number the songs so I will see that sixty songs means this will be the longest novel I have ever written to date. But I didn't. Consequently, I just put all sixty-one songs in order and listened to them over and over as I wrote so I can't trim out any of them to make a song list I could fit on the back cover image. Download, enjoy, and let me know what you think of it.

  1. "The End" by Hans Zimmer - The reactor blows over the ocean
  2. "Flow, My Tears" by Sting - Batman is reported dead
  3. "Last Hope" by Apocalyptica - Nightwing opens the Dungeon
  4. "Howl" by Florence + the Machine - Catwoman rescues Stephanie
  5. "Bleeding Out" by Imagine Dragons - Selina and Stephanie find Bruce
  6. "Batman Visits Gordon" by Hans Zimmer - Nightwing checks in with Gordon
  7. "My Heart Is a Fist" by Papa Roach - Leslie and Thorne treat Bruce
  8. "I'm Not Calling You a Liar" by Florence + the Machine - Deciding to keep Bruce Wayne alive
  9. "Preparing Equipment" by Hans Zimmer - Gordon's surprise at the shipping yard
  10. "Worlds Collide" by Apocalyptica - GCPD battle the Blackgate Boys
  11. "Heartlines" by Florence + the Machine - First night in the penthouse
  12. "Bruce Goes Home" by Hans Zimmer - Alfred finds them
  13. "Fix You" by Coldplay - Alfred and Bruce make up
  14. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Mannheim Steamroller - Jen gets a phone call from Selina
  15. "Money" by Pink Floyd - Board meeting for Wayne Enterprises
  16. "Taps" by United States Army Band - Tyler Ross' funeral
  17. "Auld Lang Sync" by Mannheim Steamroller - New Year's Eve Ball Drop
  18. "Wayne Enterprises" by Hans Zimmer - Bruce's press conference
  19. "Another Brick in the Wall Part 3" by Pink Floyd - Dr. Amanda Waller's theme
  20. "Push the Limits" by Enigma - FBI Agent Edward Nigma's theme
  21. "Tiptoe" by Imagine Dragons - Alfred tries to plan a wedding
  22. "LSI Holdings" by Hans Zimmer - Bruce promotes Jessica and finds an engagement ring
  23. "For Old Times' Sake" by Hans Zimmer - Selina cries on Gordon's shoulder
  24. "The Scientist" by Coldplay - Bruce tells Selina he bought Daggett Industries
  25. "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + the Machine - Bruce and Selina meet the Crunchers
  26. "Long, Long Journey" by Enya - Jen returns to Gotham
  27. "We Never Change" by Coldplay - Bruce gives Selina the ring
  28. "Grace" by Apocalyptica - Nightwing stops the Evermonds
  29. "Meeting Rachel" by Hans Zimmer - Jen and Stephanie go school hunting
  30. "Knocking on Forbidden Doors" by Enigma - Stephanie and Jen meet the Riddler
  31. "Wild Child" by Enya - Miss Pross' investigation
  32. "Bruce Goes Home Alternate 2" by Hans Zimmer - Rev. Manette meets Bruce and Selina
  33. "A Stroke of Luck" by Garbage - Selina's wedding errands
  34. "Life in Technicolor" by Coldplay - Bruce's birthday present from Selina
  35. "Bruce Goes Home Alternate 1" by Hans Zimmer - Bruce's birthday party
  36. "Strangeness and Charms" by Florence + the Machine - Night at the Carlyle Take Two
  37. "Wedding March" by Felix Mendelssohn - Bruce and Selina's wedding ceremony
  38. "Pavane for a Dead Princess" by Maurice Ravel - Wedding Reception
  39. "Cosmic Love" by Florence + the Machine - Wedding night
  40. "T.N.T for the Brain" by Enigma - Riddler's first crime
  41. "Burn" by Apocalyptica - Nightwing follows the Riddler's clues
  42. "Gordon Comforts Bruce Alternate" by Hans Zimmer - Gordon breaks the news to Bruce
  43. "Bagged Bruce Wayne" by Hans Zimmer - Selina vanishes
  44. "Your System is Broken" by Hans Zimmer - Gordon, Bruce, and Nightwing go over the clues
  45. "Dancing with Mephisto" by Enigma - Selina meets the Riddler
  46. "Stroke" by Apocalyptica - Nightwing rescues Selina
  47. "The Bat Cave" by Hans Zimmer - Bruce shows Selina the Batcave
  48. "Ce He Mise Le Ulaingt" by Loreena McKinnett - Wayne Manor Easter Egg Hunt
  49. "Ion" by Apocalyptica - Nightwing captures Scarecrow
  50. "Blinding" by Florence + the Machine - Bruce's nightmares
  51. "Amsterdam" by Coldplay - Jen asks Blake about Batman
  52. "The Voice and the Snake" by Enigma - Riddler leaves a clue on the Manor gate
  53. "Father to the Rescue" by Hans Zimmer - Bruce drops Jen off for her study group
  54. "The Alchemist" by Enigma - Riddler distracts Nightwing and kidnaps Jen
  55. "Peace" by Apocalyptica - The Riddler's defeat
  56. "Armarantine" by Enya - Helena Magdalene Wayne is born
  57. "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay - Stephanie adds Rachel to her name
  58. "Moody Bruce New Transfiguration Suite" by Hans Zimmer - the Batman memorial statue, Selina confronts Bruce's nightmares
  59. "You've Got the Love" by Florence + the Machine - Selina's plans for the Manor
  60. "The End Credits (Movie Version)" by Hans Zimmer - Waynes going to Haly's Circus
  61. "No Light, No Light" by Florence + the Machine - Series theme

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