Author's Notes on
Signs and Portents:
Forgiveness is for the Living

The initial thought that became Signs and Portents: Forgiveness is for the Living was Selina would not allow Alfred and Bruce to never have any contact again and as Bruce's wife-without-the-title, she would want to approval of the man who raised him. But I really didn't think there was a story in Alfred and Selina talking about Bruce. Then the timeline snapped into place and the light bulb went off on the idea of Lois Lane's Batman isn't dead story. Alfred practically shook me as I couldn't stop researching Florence.

It has been three months since their adventure on Themyscira, and Selina spent the last two away from Bruce and Diana, so the League of Shadows would capture her. Which the League did and kept her prisoner for about a month and a half. Selina was a prisoner when she realized she was pregnant. Ubu and Selina fought for leadership of the League of Shadows until Bruce and Diana interrupted it, and then Interpol swooped in for the clean up. Our heroes retreated to the plane Bruce chartered and morning sickness hit Selina along with fatigue while they flew back to Florence. Bruce and Diana both insisted that Selina had to go to a doctor, which she managed to do alone before meeting Bruce at the café where Nolan filmed Alfred's happy ending. Forgiveness is for the Living starts in the pre-dawn morning of the next day.

What can I say? They like to stay busy.

I finished writing Forgiveness is for the Living September 9, 2012, and added it to the Library on February 8, 2013. Posting it to and LJ followed shortly after.

After discussing a different the Dark Knight Rises series idea with a friend who kept confusing the two series, I finally decided on the series title Signs and Portents for this collection of stories on April 22, 2013. I wish it had occurred to me before publishing.

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