Author's Notes on
Signs and Portents:
Entwined Fates

Entwined Fates is the third story in this unnamed series set after the Dark Knight Rises, written fourth after Forgiveness is For the Living. Once I had finished Forgiveness with Diana Prince a trusted member of Bruce and Selina's household, I had to back up and show how that had come about. The kernel idea of the story was Bruce and Selina gather up the Justice League, but I really wanted to avoid Superman until Man of Steel comes out in 2013. So that left Wonder Woman.

I probably watched Lynda Carter's series, but I don't remember it. I do remember my Wonder Woman bathing suit [add picture]. But I have never read any Wonder Woman comics or watched the animated Justice League series. So I looked up details on Wikipedia, and decided to add Greek Gods and magic to the realistic Nolanverse. We already have aliens and magic color-coded rings, so why not? (Yes, I know Nolan didn't have anything to do with the blah Green Lantern movie, but rather than come up with a new origin story for the Green Lantern I'm just using that one).

There's not many developments I like with the new 52 storyline DC started, but after finding out the Diana's first origin story had all the Amazons as animated statues and Diana was created from clay because Hippolyta really wanted a baby after a couple of thousand years, making Diana the natural born daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta (as she is currently in the new 52) kept my brain from hurting.

I finished writing Entwined Fates on October 4, 2012. Nrgburst sent it through the beta reading ringer, but the story is stronger or it. I added it the Library on January 5, 2013, and the FanFiction.Net and LiveJournal versions went up soon after.

After discussing a different the Dark Knight Rises series idea with a friend who kept confusing the two series, I finally decided on the series title Signs and Portents for this collection of stories on April 22, 2013. I wish it had occurred to me before publishing.

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