Author's Notes on
Tin Man & Medical Investigation

After ErinM_4600 introduced me to Medical Investigation and fanfic based on it, the muse was intrigued with somehow getting the MI cast to interact with the Tin Man cast. It lurked in the back brain for years, working the kinks out.

So when the TM Challenge 4th Annual Big Damn Challenge said crossovers were okay, I started writing Alchemy on June 4, 2011. Each section of the story matched up to a prompt from the prompt table, but I didn't use them all.

Things that surprised me as I wrote: 1). Miles and Azkadellia falling in love. I had planned on giving DG/Cain and Natalie/Stephen shippers some resolution, but I thought I was a Miles/Eva shipper until Miles first smiled at Az to calm her down when confronted with not-Cain Dr. Stephen Connor. Every interaction they had built on a compassionate man who didn't care about her past and an intelligent woman who needed someone to believe in her second chance.

2). How many readers loved Margo's cameo appearance surprised me too. I don't think they liked her enough to follow her to the Biker Mice From Mars Evil Jack series, but they were surprised she didn't show up again in Alchemy.

Things that I was so excited to do: 1). Cain and DG's confusion over wedding ring symbolism. After too many stories of Cain's struggle to move on that center on his wedding band removal, the muse snapped. Why should the O.Z. have wedding rings like we do? What if Ahamo introduced the idea and they became a romantic fad? Cain got a set to make Adora happy and doesn't even think about it. Finally a story opened up a chance to use the idea.

2). Natalie and Stephen's romance finally recognized by the characters and the shippers rejoice. I'm really sorry it took Natalie getting kidnapped and hurt so bad, but she says it's still better than Colima.

3). Stephen opening up to Jack about Maggie. Maggie is an OC created by ErinM for her awesome story You Ever Wonder Why?. It's one of the few fanfics that doesn't point any fingers of blame in the Connors' divorce and fits so perfectly in with what we learn in Medical Investigation, I made it part of my fanon. To be able to work it into Alchemy makes me happy beyond words.

4). The M.I. team actually has to deal with bioterrorism. There were two episodes that used the possibility of bioterrorism as a subplot, only to find out the outbreaks had natural causes. It only seemed right to toss them to the O.Z. and give them an actual case of it to deal with.

Things that didn't come up: 1). an explanation for why Hank and Emily kept messing up pop culture references. In this after the miniseries story, they survived the Witch's sabotage of their CPUs and Glitch repaired the damage done. Unfortunately the part of their CPUs that had learned Earth pop culture got corrupted. Now even DG has to take a minute and figure out what they're talking about. Which is only fair, since the rest of the O.Z. is in the same position with her.

2). Giving Ahamo some redemption from his attack on Azkadellia. It just didn't come up in the story. He makes an appearance at Galinda's funeral, and apologizes to his oldest at DG and Cain's wedding, but they never regain any closeness. Mostly agree to be civil for the public and DG's sake. Ahamo doesn't leave the O.Z., but creates a traveling carnival and sends the Palace reports as it travels.

3). Forgetting all about Zero. He was never the big bad, so I honestly forgot about him until a reader asked why didn't Jeb get him. The in story reason is he had left camp and missed the raid, so he lives to torment our heroes for another day.

To make the deadline for the challenge, I started posting sections to my LiveJournal account on June 29, 2011. I finished August 31, 2011 and never got a total for how I did in the Challenge. *Shrug* I posted it on September 4, 2011, and when I stopped procrastinating about the Library, I added Alchemy to the Fiction section on September 23, 2012.

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